An Iranian reader sent this last month:

I thought you will find this quite funny: For Iranian new year (which is in Spring), I was travelling in the north of Iran. In many cities, they had set up some kind of local market for tourists, and many had a kiosk for books. See the photo that I took from one!

Yes, what you see are five volumes of the books by Donald, translated some years ago, but re-published often since then. They had been placed in the category of foreign books on business and success, as you can see also books by Brian Tracy in the photo. These books were present in almost all local markets. It seems Iranians like Donald the businessman much better than Donald the politician. But to make things funnier (though completely unintentionally, I am sure), on the left side of his books, you can see four different publications of a book by another American: “Asshole no more!” By Xavier Crement.

Iranians are funny even when they have no intention of being so.