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Tucker Carlson Defense League

A year ago, when Antifa protesters assaulted Tucker Carlson’s DC home, my mother — Tucker’s biggest fan — was outraged. I went up to the country to bring in some firewood for her on the day after the Antifa assault, and she was fuming.

“I tell you what,” she said. “If I’d have been there, I’d have taken a gun and held ’em all off.”

(Actually, what she said was a bit spicier than that, but this is a fambly blog, most of the time.)

I asked her to go get one of her guns, and let me take a photo of her with it, and send it to Tucker. Mama has a good sense of humor, so she posed with a total lib-owning scowl, and let me photograph her with the gun. I texted it to Tucker, who was so delighted he actually telephoned her to thank him for having his back. She went to the beauty shop and told all her fellow little old lady friends about her friend Tucker calling her up.

Yesterday I went back up to the country, and took along the Russian ushanka, a traditional Russian winter hat, that I bought in St. Petersburg this month, for her to see. We got to joking, and I asked her if she wanted to do a repeat of last year’s Tucker Carlson Defense League propaganda poster — this time, with the ushanka. She said yeah, that would be fun. Here you go! Mama is a hoot — and she loves her Tucker Carlson:

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