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Trump, Trans, And Therapeutic Totalitarianism

Joe Biden tells mother of trans child that he will 'change the law' to erase any distinctions between trans kids and others ((Source))

We read all the time about how barbaric Donald Trump is, how he has trampled down norms, how “the cruelty is the point,” and all that. And some of that is true, not gonna lie. But what our media do not see is how radically the Democratic Party has changed its stance on transgender issues, to support some things that many of us genuinely find to be barbaric. However unkind or crude Trump is at times, he does not support the brutality that kind, housebroken, clubbable Joe Biden and his party do when it comes to mutilating children’s bodies and compelling everyone in this society to accept the lies that undergird gender ideology.

This afternoon I received the following e-mail from the founder of the website transbrainfx.com. We have a mutual friend. The author said I could publish this e-mail, but that I could not use her name. This stuff is important, and you never, ever read about or hear it in the mainstream media, which are totally sold out to gender ideology. Read on:

I’d like to share a story that illustrates how a combination of soft and hard totalitarianism, driven by money and ideology, can endanger young people with gender difficulties. Your readers might be especially interested in this now that Joe Biden says he will “change the law” to support youngsters who identify as transgender.

I’m a technical writer with a Ph.D. in a behavioral field. I began to research female-to-male transition treatments during the Obama-Biden administration. That was the “most trans-friendly presidential administration in history.” Left-wing LGBTQ activists and people who made money from gender transition were permitted to set the boundaries for “acceptable” speech, research, and medical practices. That made it dangerous for medical experts to speak up about problems with transition treatments. This affects the treatments that young people with gender difficulties get today.

Studies showed that female-to-male treatments could be harmful and unnecessary for many patients. High testosterone conditions had been correlated with female autism and psychiatric disorders. Placebo-controlled experiments and transition treatment studies showed that the treatments might trigger or worsen autism or psychiatric disorders by altering brain tissue and brain activity.

I knew that doctors were not warning families about this. I asked medical experts to help me expose the dangers of transition treatments. However, I could not get medical experts to acknowledge publicly that transition treatments might be unsafe and unnecessary even when their own studies already showed this.

I contacted medical experts in the U.S. and elsewhere. Some told me privately that they thought transition treatments were bad, but they did not want to say this publicly. Others refused to talk to me. One scolded me for being “heteronormative” because I questioned the safety and necessity of testosterone drug treatments for young females. That person had already published a study indicating that excess testosterone could trigger a brain disorder in females.

I shared my research with doctors who specialized in treating patients with autism and gender dysphoria. The doctors claimed that they weren’t familiar with the studies I found—although the studies were done by prominent researchers and published in high-profile journalsor they did not “believe” the studies. And they still planned to provide transition treatments to young females with conditions such as autism.

One expert refused to help me because, he said, the benefits of transition outweighed the risks. That might be true for some patients, but it’s not a legitimate justification for concealing or downplaying the risks. It is paternalistic, injurious to patient autonomy, and incompatible with principles of informed consent for a doctor to withhold risk information only because the doctor personally values the supposed benefits of gender transition. The American Medical Association says that “withholding information without the patient’s knowledge or consent is ethically unacceptable,” except in some medical emergencies.

Doctors knew they could get away with this. They could make money from transition drug and surgical treatments, and never be held accountable for the damage done to young patients, because societal elites supported gender transition.

Proponents of gender transition won over 150 policy victories in K-12 education, healthcare, and other areas during the Obama-Biden administration. Private sector actors worked independently and in partnership with the Obama-Biden administration and others to promote transition. These public and private sector allies created a de facto system of rewards and punishments: soft and hard totalitarianism. I believe this is why so many medical experts declined to acknowledge problems with transition treatments.

Doctors who supported transition—including doctors with ties to transition drug companies—got research fundingdonations, and payments from patients and health insurers. Academics got a bonanza of publishing opportunities if they framed their studies as ways to combat “transphobia” and “hetero-cis–normativity.”

People who questioned or opposed gender transition faced severe consequences: professional sanctions and job losscriminal investigationspublic shaming, physical violencecensorship, and the risk of having one’s academic research attacked or un-published.

Democrats won donations (“pink money”), favorable media attention, and votes by supporting LGBTQ causes. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other Democrats supported the gender transition movement. Joe Biden voiced support for it in 20122017, and 2020. This was especially important when the Democratic Party was going bankrupt and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden were contemplating presidential campaigns.

Public and private actors created a tidal wave of favorable attention for gender transition in the U.S. and other countries. Many young people, especially females, developed rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) in that milieu.

Female-to-male transition surged in the Obama-Biden years. Girls were left bald, bearded, without breasts, without ovaries, with permanently deepened voices and distorted genitalia, at risk for myriad physical and mental health problems, with their female identities erased.

Around 2% of all U.S. girls may now identify as transgender or non-binary. Some 40% or more may have autism diagnoses or undiagnosed autism. Some have psychiatric disorders. But gender transition is so popular now, and the risks are so well-concealed, that many young people without severe psychiatric disorders or autism may be lured into it.

How many girls would be safer today if the Obama-Biden administration had not promoted gender transition? How many young people around the world might have avoided drugs and surgeries if the Obama-Biden administration and its left-wing allies had not promoted gender transition?

Doctors have used transition treatments on patients with autismschizophrenia, PTSD from rape, cognitive disabilities, dissociation, attention deficit disorder, and other conditions. Doctors have prescribed cross-sex drugs for 12-year-olds and hormone blockers for children. They’ve performed mastectomies on 13-year-old girls, genital surgeries on minor boys, and hysterectomies on very young women with mental health difficulties.

The public has been told that such patients need drugs and surgeries because they are “transgender.” But “transgender” means only that a person claims to be or wants to be a different gender, which could be a result of autism or a psychiatric disorder. “Transgender” is not an “intersex” condition or physical disorder of sex development. Most people would understand this already, I believe, if the Obama-Biden administration had not promoted gender transition.

The Obama-Biden administration should have suspected problems with the gender transition movement from the very beginning. Transition treatments are radical treatments used disproportionately on patients with conditions such as autism, who are vulnerable to medical mistreatment. Doctors have subjected such patients to LSD drugs, electrical shock punishmentslobotomiesgerm warfare experiments, euthanasia, and other harms.

Even a cursory investigation would have revealed that there were problems.

Transition treatments use testosterone drugs and estrogen-suppressing drugs in biological females. The drugs were not, and are not, FDA-approved for gender transition purposes.

Health experts warned about a lack of safety data for testosterone therapy for females in 2007 and 2014. An FDA panel said in 2015 that doctors should “prescribe testosterone therapy only for men.” In 2019, experts said: “There are no clearly established indications for testosterone therapy for women.”

The FDA launched a safety review of testosterone drugs in 2014 after federal studies linked the drugs to serious health problems. In 2016, the FDA warned that testosterone drugs were being abused by adolescents and adults. It said that “abuse of testosterone…is associated with serious safety risks affecting the heart, brain, liver, mental health, and endocrine system.  Reported serious adverse outcomes include…depression, hostility, [and] aggression.”

Researchers correlated female autism with high testosterone conditions in 2007201020162018, and other years. This was reported in high-profile journals such as Nature.

Researchers also correlated high testosterone conditions with female schizophreniabipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, suicidal behavior, criminalitycognitive problemsmood problems, body dissatisfactionrisky decisions, and aggression. These correlations were reported from the 1990s onward.

Interestingly, in males, low testosterone or non-testosterone factors have been linked to autismbipolar disorder, and other psychiatric and neurological disorders. Sex differences matter.

Experiments from 2010 onward showed that testosterone drugs changed females’ brain activity and behavior. Testosterone drugs impaired females’ social cognition and decision making. They altered females’ moral judgment and decreased interpersonal trust. They might lead to social aggression. Researchers said their findings revealed “a neural mechanism by which testosterone…may link to the symptomatology of” autism.

By 2006, researchers knew that transition treatments changed brain tissue. A 2011 study showed that female-to-male treatments suppressed social brain activity, which might lead to autism-like difficulties. The treatments also affect brain areas responsible for “self-referential and own body perception,” sexualitylanguageaggression and motivationempathy, and other things.

Studies in the 1990s suggested that female-to-male treatments increased anger and aggression proneness and impaired verbal abilities. A 2011 study showed that female-to-male patients had elevated rates of criminal convictions and suicide after being treated.

The FDA has received many reports of health problems in patients who got hormone-blocking drugs, which are used for “puberty suppression.” Researchers in the 1990s linked estrogen blockers to depression in women. Low estrogen conditions were correlated with cognitive deficits in young women. Blockers were linked to lower IQs in girls and altered brain development in female animals.

The head of the U.S. National Institutes of Health told researchers in 2014 to pay more attention to biological sex differences to avoid problems such as adverse drug effects in females. U.S. health officials had known since the early 1990s that females might be harmed by drug treatments that seemed safe for males.

None of this stopped the Obama-Biden administration from promoting gender transition.

So here we are. Joe Biden, who may be our next President, just said that he would enact policies to support “an eight year-old child” who decides, “you know…I want to be transgender….[It would] make my life a lot easier.”

Rod, I think it would be very useful for you, Tucker Carlson, and other conservatives to remind people of what it was like during the Obama-Biden years.

I just did. Neither Trump nor the Republicans in Congress have done much to derail the trans train, but they have not aligned the federal government with its goals. If Biden wins next week, the entire executive branch will be in the hands of the controllers who believe a dangerous lie about sex and biology, and who are willing, even eager, to experiment on the bodies of children and minors. Think about that.

In the future, historians will look back on this era and marvel at the things we did to our bodies, and to the bodies of children, in the name of the Sexual Revolution and its therapeutic totalitarianism. This will not have been done by redneck Deplorables and Orange Man Bad; this will have been done by sophisticated, cosmopolitan elites and the avuncular politicians who see no limits at all to their utopian projects.


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