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Ideological Medicine Undermines Trust

Dr. Marci Bowers, transgendered surgical provider of transgender surgeries -- and now a thought criminal for raising questions about puberty blockers (TEDxTalks)

I was just recording the next episode of the General Eclectic podcast that Kale Zelden and I do, and I mentioned Abigail Shrier’s blockbuster interview with two leading medical carers who serve transgender patients (both of them — one a surgeon, one a clinical psychologist — are also male-to-female trans people). In the interview, both doctors said that the medical field is going way too far in the way it cares for young people with gender dysphoria (e.g., they said puberty blockers are prescribed far too often). From the piece:

“There are definitely people who are trying to keep out anyone who doesn’t absolutely buy the party line that everything should be affirming, and that there’s no room for dissent,” [surgeon Marci] Bowers said. “I think that’s a mistake.”

You’d think it would have made national news when two of the leading trans-care physicians sound the alarm about standards of care. Nope. But if you read the piece, you’re not surprised. From the Shrier report:

Earlier this month, [clinical psychologist Erica] Anderson told me she submitted a co-authored op-ed to The New York Times warning that many transgender healthcare providers were treating kids recklessly. The Times passed, explaining it was “outside our coverage priorities right now.”

There is only one perspective on transgenderism allowed in medicine, and only one allowed in the mainstream media. After the piece appeared, the two big transgender health associations released the following:

Got that? Don’t talk about these things in the “lay press,” they say. Trust the experts.

Bull. I don’t trust the medical experts on transgenderism, and I don’t trust the media to tell us the full story around trans issues. They are not after the truth; they want to support a narrative. From Live Not By Lies:

A Soviet-born US physician told me—after I agreed not to use his name—that he never posts anything remotely controversial on social media, because he knows that the human resources department at his hospital monitors employee accounts for evidence of disloyalty to the progressive “diversity and inclusion” creed.

That same doctor disclosed that social justice ideology is forcing physicians like him to ignore their medical training and judgment when it comes to transgender health. He said it is not permissible within his institution to
advise gender dysphoric patients against treatments they desire, even when a physician believes it is not in that
particular patient’s health interest.

See? This doctor cannot allow himself to comment on health matters that might be controversial, out of fear that he will inadvertently violate the narrative. And he definitely can’t use his best medical judgment regarding transgenderism. That right has been taken from all the physicians at his large urban hospital, by hospital management.

It is not about medical science. It is about ideology.

What occurred to me today, thinking about the constant lying regarding transgenderism carried out by the medical field and the media, is this: if they are willing to lie for the sake of the narrative about transgenderism, and suppress dissent, why should I believe that they’re not doing this around the Covid vaccine narrative?

As you readers know, I am vaccinated, and I am generally pro-vaccination. But I gotta say, watching the ideologically-motivated lying around transgender care is dissolving my trust in medical authorities across the board, at least when the medical issues touch on ideology. Whenever people tell you to “trust the science,” you had better put your b.s. detector on. We live under a regime that has no restraints about lying to protect and promote its narrative.

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