What reader David J. White ate for breakfast in Abilene the other day

What reader David J. White ate for breakfast in Abilene the other day

My Dallas-born wife, was just now sitting at her desk squealing intermittently, and pumping the air saying, “Yessss!”

“What are you doing?” said I.

“They’ve released the list of fried foods competing at the Texas State Fair this year!” she said, in the tone I imagine a Highland Park dame uses when the fall Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalog arrives.

“Send it to me,” I said.

Here you go, readers. I make no judgment. Texas is Texas. We cannot understand Texans, but we must love them as they are. This was the item on the list that made Mrs. Dreher the happiest:

Fernie’s Deep Fried King Ranch Casserole –This stick-to-your-ribs TEXAS SHAPED creation is melted cheese, salty, spicy, goodness that is dipped in a zesty southwestern egg wash and coated in panko bread crumbs.  Deep fried golden brown and crunchy on the outside; steamy and creamy on the inside! Served with a side of red, white, and blue tortilla chips and your choice of our homemade “salsafied” sour cream or cheesy queso.  Each one proudly flying the flag of the Lone Star State and deep fried in the Heart of Texas!

“IT’S SHAPED LIKE TEXAS!” she said. If you are a Texan, or are married to a Texan, you know good and well that she really did say it in all caps. Everything’s bigger in Texas.

UPDATE: Don’t miss David J. White’s photo above of what he ate for breakfast in Abilene last week.