Julie got home from the first day back at Sequitur Academy today. She said the need among the students and their parents wiped out by the flood is much greater than we anticipated.

Said Julie, “A mom came up to me and said, ‘The water got up to the ceiling of our house. We will never be able to live there again.'”

Over and over, stories like this. The other day I wrote about a woman from within the community whose child goes to the school. (I said she was a grandmother, but I mixed up two stories.) She had a heat stroke while a team from the school was gutting out her house, and she nearly died. She is all alone in the world, only her and her son — and whatever help the school community can give her.

This is where money you give to the Go Fund Me for Sequitur Academy goes: helping people like her.

If there is so much destruction, and so much need, in our little school, it staggers me to think about what’s going on all across the region.

Two weeks ago today, everybody showed up for the first day of class and the fall semester, and everything was sunny-day-everything’s-A-OK. And now this. Family after family who lost everything they have.

A big THANK YOU to all who have given already. It is hard to emphasize how urgent the need is. If you prefer to donate directly to Sequitur (a 501c3 entity, so your contributions there are tax-deductible), go here, and designate your gift for flood relief.