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Here Comes The Liberal Unwelcome Wagon

Is this like putting a target on your house? (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)


Here’s a photo of the entire letter:


What a rotten person! Doesn’t even have the courage to sign her name. A conservative friend of mine in suburban NYC said that he could easily see getting a letter like that from someone in his neighborhood. That just boggles my mind. One hears anecdotes about conservatives in blue states who are harassed for bumper stickers on their car, or for in some other way microaggressing against a liberal simply by existing. I live in one of the reddest of states, and this is unthinkable here, from either side.

Sure, some people, on both left and right, are way more wound up about politics than is good for them, but the idea that you would leave a letter like that for your neighbor because you disapprove of a political sign in their front yard is hard to wrap one’s mind around. It’s just so … trashy. You might say behind their backs that you can’t believe the Smiths are on the Trump train, or that the Joneses are all in for Biden, but they’re still your neighbors, and if they needed help, you would give it to them without thinking twice.

Is this just something Yankees do? Or liberals do? I don’t get it. What kind of sorry piece of crap person would you have to be to leave a note like that for your neighbor?

Guy Benson followed up with this post from the person who first went public with the letter. The Trump backer is Mexican-American:

From the thread to Benson’s tweet:


I suppose it could happen anywhere, but where is it likely to happen? Would this be likely to happen in your part of the country, or at least if it did, would it be super-unusual? Why or why not?

UPDATE: A friend from a Red State tells me that Trump supporters would definitely put letters like that in the mailbox of someone with a Biden sign. She is a conservative, but says QAnon has deeply infiltrated her state’s GOP. This is horrifying.

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