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The Big Kowtow

Tedros Adhanom, director general of the World Health Organization, (L) shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping (KYODO NEWS/Naohiko Hatta/Pool/via Getty Images)

This is genuinely outrageous, a shameful kowtow:

British scientific journal Nature has apologised for associating Covid-19 with China in its reporting, saying that early coverage of the global health crisis by itself and other media had led to racist attacks on people of Asian descent around the world.

In an article published on Tuesday, the publication said that the World Health Organisation’s announcement on February 11 that the official name for the pneumonia-like virus would be Covid-19 had been an implicit reminder to “those who had erroneously been associating the virus with Wuhan and with China in their news coverage – including Nature”.

“That we did so was an error on our part, for which we take responsibility and apologise,” it said.

So now, because of the Chinese Communist Party, even one of the world’s top scientific journals has to pretend what is plainly true — that this global pandemic started in Wuhan — is not true? Here is a link to the actual editorial, in which the magazine’s editors condemn not Xi Jinping, but Donald Trump:

And yet, as countries struggle to control the spread of the new coronavirus, a minority of politicians are sticking with the outdated script. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly associated the virus with China. Brazilian lawmaker Eduardo Bolsonaro — the son of President Jair Bolsonaro — has called it “China’s fault”. Politicians elsewhere, including in the United Kingdom, are also saying that China bears responsibility.

Read it all. This groveling goes on and on. What Donald Trump is guilty of is what Steve Sailer calls “noticing” — in this case, noticing that the virus began in Wuhan, probably in the wet markets there, and that the Chinese Communist Party kept the disease hidden from its own people and the world. This is straight out of the totalitarian playbook: rewriting history to appease a dictator. China should be apologizing to the world, and begging forgiveness from the world for what its government did, and failed to do.

This is going to happen over and over. You watch. If Trump starts pushing US hard decoupling from China, and repatriating US factories from China, he will get re-elected, and will deserve it. It is imperative that we get out from under that rotten government’s boot right now. Three cheers for the Japanese government:

Japan has earmarked $2.2 billion of its record economic stimulus package to help its manufacturers shift production out of China as the coronavirus disrupts supply chains between the major trading partners.

China is Japan’s biggest trading partner. But the Japanese can see what’s happening.

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