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Testosterone-Jacked Girl Defeats Other Girls

Mack Beggs's not-so-secret weapon (Zerbor/Shutterstock)

Girl on testosterone wins wrestling competition in north Texas:

Mack Beggs, a transgender 17-year-old at Euless Trinity, won the girls 110-pound championship at Saturday’s Class 6A Region II wrestling meet after a Coppell wrestler forfeited the final. Beggs, a junior, is taking testosterone while transitioning from female to male.

Madeline Rocha’s forfeit came 11 days after a lawsuit was filed against the University Interscholastic League by Coppell attorney and wrestling parent Jim Baudhuin, urging the governing body to suspend Beggs because of the use of the steroid. The suit claims that allowing the wrestler to compete while using testosterone exposes other athletes to “imminent threat of bodily harm.” Baudhuin’s daughter is not in the same weight class as Beggs.

Pratik Khandelwal, whose daughter also wrestles for Coppell, is named as the plaintiff and is bringing the case forward on behalf of his minor daughter and “other similarly situated female wrestlers” in the state, according to the suit. Khandelwal’s daughter did not wrestle Beggs because they were in different weight classes this weekend.


Here comes the comment from Mack Beggs’ grandmother. You have three guesses as to what she will say, and the first two don’t count. Here you go:

“Today was not about their students winning,” said Nancy Beggs, Mack Beggs’ grandmother and guardian. “Today was about bias, hatred and ignorance. (Mack Beggs and wrestlers from the Coppell team) have wrestled each other before, they know each other and they were not happy with this.”

Hate! Hatey-hatey-hate-hate! You think it’s cheating for a female jacked up on testosterone — she’s been taking it since 2015 — to compete in wrestling with other females? Bigot!

To be fair, Beggs wants to compete against males, but she cannot, because she is a biological female as far as reality and the State of Texas are concerned. She is in a no-man’s (ahem) land as far as athletic competition goes. Is it too much to expect her not to compete? Since when does she have a right to compete?

All the female wrestlers who come up against this testosterone-pumped girl will be cheated. But that doesn’t matter, because transgenders are a privileged class. Everything must be turned upside down to accommodate their desires.

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