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Social Credit System Comes To DOD

Joint Chiefs head Gen. Mark Milley will be keeping track of his employees' social media feed -- constantly (NBC News)

The reader who sends this story says:

We fought and lost the Global War On Terror abroad to return to have social credit at home. This will be framed as necessary to prevent another 6 January but I guarantee that it will be the same parade of credentialed leftists deciding who is and is not acceptable. And once implemented in DOD that will be used as a cudgel to press for it in other elite professions.

This is what he’s talking about:

All Defense Department personnel are now subject to “continuous vetting” designed to spot extremists and other insider threats, with surveillance of their public social-media postings likely coming soon, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

The announcement follows years of effort to comply with a 2011 executive order to improve on the current security-clearance process, which features an initial investigation but generally no followup for five or more years. The new system will raise flags when new information arrives, such as when a DOD employee is arrested.

It arrives as the department grapples with extremism among uniformed and civilian personnel. Conservatives have accused the Biden administration and senior U.S. military leaders of purging right-wing free speech.

Screening troops’ and DOD employees’ social-media posts for extremist views or behavior will become part of the vetting, said William K. Lietzau, who has led the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency since March 2020. Lietzau said several pilot programs are intended to help determine how useful it might be to track social-media activity in various ways.

“Whether it’s an event-driven look at social media, whether it’s a regular continuous look at some social media or whether it’s a, a one-time — when they’re investigated — look at social media, there’s different ways you could use some of the social media, search capabilities that are out there,” he said. “We’re still right now analyzing how much value we think there is.”

The department has been working to implement continuous vetting for years, as mandated almost a decade ago by executive order, following shootings at Fort Hood and Army Pfc. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning’s 2010 arrest for passing top-secret files to Wikileaks.

“Extremists”. As defined by? There are 700,000 civilian employees of the Defense Department. All of them — and I guess all those in uniform — will now have to live with the fact that everything they say online will be tracked by the government, which will look at their words and images with suspicion. Is objecting to vaccine mandates enough to get you tagged as an extremist by the government? Opposition to administration policies? Criticism of DEI instruction? Where are the lines — and should those lines be there at all?

You can see where this is going. If DOD does what the ruling class within American institutions consider to be a good job in filtering out Officially Bad People, then these institutional grandees are going to do exactly what the reader predicts: use the same thing to make sure “extremists” aren’t working for their company or institution. That Emma Sarley woman in Brooklyn was fired by her employer after having a petty contretemps with a Very Online guy in the dog park, who recorded it and pressured the company to can her as a racist. Extremist! Now, what if you said on social media that you thought Emma Sarley had been badly treated by her company. Would you out yourself as an “extremist” in the eyes of your employer? Better not to say anything, I guess. Better keep your mouth shut. Never say anything that contradicts the woke ideology of our ruling class.

Look, if we have neo-Nazis or genuine baddies like that in the DOD, then sure, they need to be identified and dealt with. But doing continuous monitoring of 700,000 civilian employees plus men and women under arms, to see if they are writing or sharing doubleplus ungood things on social media? Do you not see where this is going? All for the sake of making America one big Safe Space, just like a liberal arts college in the Northeast.

The reader adds:

So BLM, Antifa, CRT, Castro praise, and every other leftist cause will be acceptable, but too Christian, too conservative, too white, wrong pronouns and you get flagged because the goal is not about identifying insider threats but about ensuring ideological colonization and cohesion.

So much of the left’s identity is tied up in the idea they support the underdog that they don’t understand in 2021 they are the Man.

Also suppose you are a history buff: what if you end up on the wrong side of the algorithm because you like the Civil War or WW2? This is, again, how conservatives got completely outmaneuvered. We mocked and derided how all the SJWs couldn’t get a “real job” when in fact they created a ready and willing cadre of commissars.

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