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15440543_1159328804116310_7317971564988059297_oA reader forwards this e-mail. I’ve taken some info off the e-mail to protect privacy. It was sent to graduate faculty and students in relevant departments:

From: Lewis, Christopher H.

Subject: Critical Junctures: Call for Proposals

We write you in the hopes that you may distribute the attached Call for Proposals amongst your colleagues, so that they may submit a proposal to join us this spring at Critical Juncture: The Work of Art. Now in its fourth year at Emory University in Atlanta, CJ17 is scheduled for March 17-18, 2017, at the Emory Conference Center Hotel, conveniently located on our Clifton Road campus.

Critical Juncture is unique from every other conference one might attend in sociology, public health or gender studies—precisely because it brings together scholars from all these fields, pushing us to engage with each another, and learn new perspectives of salient issues that affect us all. As a completely graduate student-led conference, a signature of Critical Juncture is the inclusive atmosphere in which emerging scholars and activists can interact and learn together with renowned experts in their fields.

The Work of Art will explore how art works to defy, resist, and call attention to the particular injustices produced by the social construction of Disability, Race, Gender, and Sexuality. In past years, this conference has drawn participants from around the globe, and this year we will convene not just academics, but also artists and representatives of local and national social justice non-profit organizations. We invite you to consult the attached CFP, as well as our website, to learn more about this inspiring event.

It is so crucial, nay, CRITICAL for those of us who represent the intersectional worlds of arts, science and letters to come together and advocate for social progress. Will you join the fight, and help make Art work for us all?

–The CJ17 Organizing Committee

Stephanie Koziej (Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies)
C. Holly Lewis (Emory School of Medicine)
Sarah Lee (Goizueta School of Business)
Sam VanHorn (Bioethics, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies)
Dr. Angelika Bammer (Comparative Literature)

C. Holly Lewis MD, PhD Candidate
Department of Pediatrics, Hematology and Medical Oncology
Winship Cancer Institute | Emory University School of Medicine
Pronouns: They, them, theirs

Organizing Chairperson | Critical Juncture 2017: The Work of Art

They, them, theirs. The corruption of language facilitates the corruption of reality. And yeah, that’s what we want art to do: serve ideology. Art, propaganda, what’s the difference? /snark

You aren’t surprised that Social Justice Warriors are driving this nonsense out of the Women’s Studies Department, or the Comp Lit program. Business? Now that’s odd. But medicine? Really? The reader who sent this wrote, of C. Holly Lewis (aka Christopher Lewis):

The fact that someone who is about to get an MD AND a Ph.D. in medicine, who is clearly poised and positioning themselves (lol) for a career in government/administration, REFUSES TO ACCEPT THE BIOLOGICAL REALITY OF SEX and refers to the “social construction of… gender” isn’t just utterly terrifying, it is deeply and profoundly sad in ways I find difficult to express.

The thing that a lot of people are slow to understand is this culture war is no longer over different and clashing interpretations of reality. The culture war is over reality itself. And the SJWs are doing their best to bend medical science to their alternative reality.

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