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Interesting information about one young Mozart’s inspiring life, in the wake of his abrupt weekend convalescence:

Opiate withdrawal doesn’t typically result in seizures, but codeine cough syrup frequently comes paired with promethazine, a sedative-type drug that can lower the seizure threshold in users, making those prone to seizures more likely to have them. Even more so when it’s paired with narcotics. Syrup drinkers also frequently combine the drug with Xanax or other benzodiazepines (Lil Wayne has rapped about his struggles with Xanax as well) whose withdrawal syndrome can cause seizures. When syrup is taken with benzo pills the combo is called “pancakes and syrup” on the streets. Both promethazine and Xanax when taken with codeine syrup boost the otherwise mild narcotic’s effects into the heroin-range of intoxication. Lil Wayne hasn’t confirmed that his most recent seizure had any connection to his drug use; he’s reportedly been prescribed seizure medication in the past, but whether he’s actually diagnosed with epilepsy is unconfirmed.

Sizzurp, or “purple drank,” or “water,” depending on the part of the country in which one cops it, has for years been a drug of choice for inner city dealers of drugs like crack and heroin. In the hustling culture that produced Lil Wayne, with which he self-identifies, one’s street reputation as being reliable with money is paramount to conducting business. Lower level dealers often get packages of drugs fronted to them on credit, and coming up short on money to repay upper level traffickers for their fronted drugs can result in grievous physical injury and death. Nothing does more damage to a hustler’s business prospects than word spreading on the street that they’re a crackhead or dopefiend, as it’s taken as gospel that addicts can’t be trusted with money, and worse, might snitch their whole crew to the narc squad. So hustlers tend to avoid stigmatized “hard” drugs like cocaine and heroin that are strictly commodities for sale.

However, this doesn’t mean that hustlers don’t party.

Did you know this? I did not know this. I am pleased not to have had any knowledge of this Lil Wayne degenerate until now. But I am out of it. He’s sold millions and millions of records. 

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