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SAS = Self-Abasing Scandinavians

A Scandinavian ad so insanely self-loathing that even Greta Thunberg would be startled (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

Here is a most bizarre, self-hating advertisement. It’s from Scandinavian Airlines. It’s about white liberal self-abasement. The message is, “We Scandinavians have nothing to be proud of. Every good thing associated with us, we culturally appropriated from others.” Seriously, you have to watch this to believe how awful it is:

I actually like Scandinavia. Though the only Scandinavian country I’ve ever been to is Norway, I thought it was beautiful, and the people were kind. I would love to visit Sweden, Denmark, and Finland — especially since I discovered via 23 & Me that I have Finnish and Sami ancestry. So many good things come from those countries, and they all have so much to be proud of. What kind of crazy left-wing corporation thinks it can make Scandinavians eager to purchase its services by instructing them that their culture is without value? Well, Scandinavian Airlines, which tells the Danes, the Swedes, the Norwegians, and the Finns that the only things they have worth cherishing are the things that they went out into the world and took from other people. Therefore, according to the ad’s logic, if you fly with us, you can get out of this miserable, bland, uninteresting land of ours, and go out into the world and find something worth caring about.

This Twitter commenter gets it right in his characterization of the ad’s real message:

SAS executives deserve to spend eternity with that miserable child harridan Greta Thunberg yelling at them for ruining the environment with their wicked carbon-emitting aircraft.

UPDATE: I have learned from readers that Finns are Nordic, but not Scandinavian. I had no idea. I withdraw the inclusion of them. I guess I’m cancelled now in Helsinki.

UPDATE.2: I realized another subtext of the ad, or at least a psychological basis upon which the ad’s message is constructed: Please, immigrants and refugees, come into our countries in great multitudes and enrich us culturally impoverished Scandinavians with your many gifts.

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