Once again, the March of Progress on gay rights flattens religious liberty, this time in Canada:

The Ontario provincial government has ignored months of behind-the-scenes negotiations by announcing Friday that all schools, religious or otherwise, will be required to host gay-straight alliances, Church sources say.

As part of the original Bill 13, which was intended to curb bullying in schools, the province included a provision for organizations with the name “gay-straight alliance or another name.”

However, the Ontario Assembly of Catholic Bishops had been working with the government to reach a compromise that would allow Catholic schools to focus on bullying in general rather than a specific group.

But late Friday afternoon, Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten said there would be no compromises.

“Schools need to be safe places for kids to be themselves — and for some kids, that means being able to name a club a gay-straight alliance,” Ms. Broten said. “I don’t think there’s anything radical about allowing students to name a club.”

You see how this works. If this were really about keeping kids safe from bullying, the Liberal government in Ontario would be satisfied with a general anti-bullying policy. Whenever you see “safety” brought into these discussions, you can be absolutely certain that “safety” is a wedge that pro-gay activists are using to outlaw or delegitimize any opposition to gay rights. It is not enough for these people to win; the opposition, religious or otherwise, must be crushed. Thus do we see gross illiberalism and anti-religious radicalism promoted as a liberal reform in Canada.

The First Amendment offers us Americans a substantial measure of protection from things like this. But make no mistake, insofar as religious institutions and individual believers can be bullied on this issue in the US, they will be. It’s coming.