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Rioters Burning St. John’s Church


My God. This is the historic Episcopal church across Lafayette Park from the White House. Every US president since James Madison has worshipped there. The mob is burning it down.

How much more of this are we supposed to take? They’re now destroying our history, our heritage. And the authorities are showing themselves powerless to stop it.

UPDATE: Thank God firefighters extinguished the blaze. Meanwhile, across the street:

Don’t worry, I hear that the president is about to reveal some important news on the Joe Scarborough case.


My TAC colleague writes:


Look at this: a credentialed Egyptologist idiot is telling people how to pull down the Washington monument.

The elites in this country are such bloody idiots.

UPDATE.4: People are pointing out that the Egyptologist was not talking about tearing down the Washington monument, but a similar obelisk erected as a tribute to the Confederacy. That’s a significant difference. Still, the mob has no right to decide on its own which statues are going to remain. If you believe a society built on raw force is going to be just, you are a fool.

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