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Impossible To Please — Or To Parody

Amy Heart, a trans activist, rages against the Olympia, Wash., city council for -- wait for it -- honoring trans people (Andy Ngo YouTube)

If you have about seven minutes of your life to throw away, watch this clip of highlights from a city council meeting in Olympia, Washington. The city decided to light up City Hall in honor of Trans Day Of Remembrance. Naturally, some local transgenders came down to denounce the council in hysterical terms for doing this, even though police officers work in the building. The idea is that cops are anti-trans, and it is cruel to turn the building into a temporary trans monument with defiling presence of the police.

Watch this for some pure, uncut crazy — but be warned that the second speaker drops the f-bomb once:

Now, you regular readers know that I, a passionate Ignatian (Reilly), go catatonic with joy in the presence of freaks. When I heard today about the forthcoming stage production involving puppets, about the space-alien glove that possesses Michael Jackson and drives him to molest boys like a pederastic vampire, I thought, “O Fortuna, please make them film it and screen it at the Prytania!” Well, if Fortuna’s wheel spins favorably, it will land this Olympia clip as the opener, like the way Pixar runs those film shorts before its main features.

But seriously — no kidding here — the clip above shows why there is no satisfying progressive activists. Keep in mind that these loonies are freaking out over the fact that the city decided to honor transgender people. You’ll note too the common theme: that the city, and the normies who run it, are making it impossible for transgender people to live there. The accusation is that they’re murdering trans people by their … .what? Hatred? When the second trans person drops the f-bomb, the mayor calls him out, saying that that language is inappropriate, because this broadcast is going out in public. The self-described “tranny” is offended because the mayor cared more about language policing than listening to his tale of woe. Me me me me me me me me me!

The worst is a disabled person and trans-activist ally who identifies himself as “The Royal Majesty”. He’s near tears the entire time, wailing over the extreme cruelty of the city council, for having chosen to honor the Trans Day of Remembrance in that way. Seriously, the guy sounds like he’s about to have a nervous breakdown. His life cannot be easy, but man, he’s deranged. At one point, he sputters against the gall of the fact that “this town has the nerve to claim progressivism, even though we know that progressivism is proto-fascist anyway.”

“I would say ‘do better,'” The Royal Majesty concludes. “But I know that your job is to oppress my family” — his “family” being the trans activists, apparently. He ends like this:

“I hope when you go home at night to your comfortable houses, to your middle class lives where you have to worry about nothing, that you think of me, and that it hurts you terribly, because that is all I can hope for, since I don’t have hope for much else.”

The man is clearly in torment, and emotionally unwell. But I think this is probably the case for all of the people in this line-up. Remember, this Royal Majesty person is agonizing over the “proto-fascist” progressives who are oppressing trans people by honoring them. And he places all his hope in life in the solemn wish that his audience would come to hate itself at the thought of him.

These people are all 13-year-old girls — or, in two cases, they wish they were girls.

Today a friend sent me a Facebook posting on Thanksgiving in which a progressive my friend knows posted a statement wishing everyone peace and harmony and good vibes for the holiday. It was about as bland and gentle a statement as you can imagine. And don’t you know that it took no time for the progressives in the comments to start tearing each other apart over whether it’s right to enjoy Thanksgiving even thought it’s a “turkey genocide” (seriously!), and then whether it’s racist to use the word “genocide” to speak of animals, when Persons Of Color have been genocided. Honestly, they were at each other’s throats.

There is something about progressives like this, something profoundly disturbed. There’s a fundamental hatred of life, and of anything normal and peaceable. They’ve made their psychiatric pathologies into progressive virtues.

The problem is not that all progressives are like this. They aren’t. But progressives, and even just plain old liberals, who know better will never, ever stand up to these crackpots and bullies. They have bought 100 percent into the idea that to express one’s pain in the face of oppression is the highest manifestation of virtue.

Progressive activists like those Olympia weirdos won’t be satisfied until the entire world hates itself as much as, deep down, they hate themselves. Here’s an essay by Amy Heart, the trans activist pictured above (and the first speaker), on the website of a small publishing house Amy Heart started. Excerpt:

A few years ago, I wrote an essay about desirability as a queer trans woman. At the time, I was really sad that my female body was constantly being othered and/or masculinized because I was coersively [sic] assigned male at birth. I felt ugly and unwanted, all the time. Romantic partnership was out of the question and reach. You see, even though transition had set me free from a lifetime of suffering, I still found myself trapped behind layers and layers of self hatred and internalized transmisogyny. Estrogen made so many things better for me, but self-love was not a part of my HRT regiment.

Oh, how time changes everything.

It’s true that my friends still ask me if I have a partner. And I still always answer “no,” but only because my definition of partner isn’t the same as theirs.

Amy says: “But the most important part is — I am learning how to be my own partner.” More:

Sometimes I wonder what it would be to have a more “normal” life, if I wasn’t trans, jumbo-sized, asexual, etc, and that can make me sad. But I don’t know. I like, even love, what my life has become. I am rarely lonely anymore, and when I am, I have a world to turn to. I am finally just Amy, and maybe that makes me the luckiest girl in the world.

That’s genuinely sad. This is a broken person, full of rage. But progressivism has made people like Amy Heart, and The Royal Majesty, into prophets. Fools, but not holy ones. They don’t turn people towards compassion. They just turn people towards purifying hatred.

UPDATE: Oh look, a progressive dressed up like a bumblebee accuses someone of “being patronizing”:

UPDATE.2: What are they doing? You’re trying to impeach the president, but you’ve got one of your members complaining about the lack of diversity among the day’s expert witnesses, which your party called. Crazy people, just crazy:

In other news from the Progressive Circular Firing Squad, a gay activist is threatening to cancel gay man Pete Buttigieg for having helped the Salvation Armytwo years ago gather donations for Christmas. You can’t make this up:

Notice how the NBC News “Out” channel writer framed it:

Pete Buttigieg is drawing criticism after pictures of him volunteering for the Salvation Army, which has historically opposed gay rights, recently resurfaced on social media.

A single tweet from an activist known for his extreme takes! That’s all it took to generate this fake news story from NBC News Out.

I can’t imagine why ordinary people don’t rush to embrace progressivism.

UPDATE.2: What more needs to be said?:

UPDATE.3: This comment from reader Jonah R.:

Got another one for you, Rod: Washington College in Maryland has cancelled a performance of the play “The Foreigner” by Larry Shue because it’s a satire that blasts and mocks the Klan. The school feared the play “could potentially upset some members of the campus community” because some actors are shown on stage in Klan robes. So now you can’t even stage a progressive, pro-immigrant, anti-racism play that denounces the Klan because some hypothetical sensitive soul might be traumatized by the sight of a fellow student in a bedsheet with eyeholes. The movement to stop the play was led by the student government’s—I kid you not—Secretary of Diversity. The college president, whom the website describes as “a former corporate executive with deep experience in financial accountability, information technology, and integrated business strategies,” told the campus newspaper: “This was not an act of censorship.” The chair of the theater department agreed that it wasn’t censorship and called it instead a “course correction.”

Somehow the Little Rock Nine and the Greensboro lunch-counter protesters grew up to be stable, productive members of society, despite all the abuse they took, but suburban kids at a private college that costs $48,000 a year to attend ($62,000 if you throw in room and board) need to be protected from…a play that shares their generally progressive political views?

When people ask why you focus on the fringe and the freaks, this is why: Because this lunacy does in fact have a foothold in key areas of our culture.

In 1996, when the Catholic University in D.C. banned advertising and charging admission for a campus production of “Angels in America”—but didn’t even go so far as to ban the play itself—there was outrage from the art and theater world. I never dreamed I’d live to see progressives push conservatives out of the way so they themselves could…ban progressive theater! What a joke.

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