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Mx. Steel, Male Penetration, & The New Normal

Mx. Steel (they, them, their) introduces themself to their elementary school class (Video screengrab)

In Madison, Wisconsin, a science teacher, Mark Vincent Busenbark, came out to his students as a transgendered woman named “Mx. Vica Steel” — via this video, in which he reads a storybook to the kids about a biological girl who is persecuted by others because of her gender expression. In the book, those who don’t go along with the gender ideology are depicted as scary, demonic figures:

Did public school officials know Busenbark was going to do this? Were parents forewarned? Do they have the legal right to object, or to remove their children from this person’s class?

Another reader sent this in. The photo was taken outside the California State Capitol building, at a Pride exhibit, and shared on social media (I’ve edited out this man’s name and obscured his face):

Notice the slogan on the leftmost blue banner: ‘ALL MEN SHOULD BE PENETRATED’

It appears to be part of the Colors Of Progress exhibit on the lawn of the California State Capitol. “ALL MEN SHOULD BE PENETRATED” is a quote from the gay fashion designer Tom Ford. It does not appear on the Colors of Progress website, but other quotes in the same font, with the same blue background, do.

Now, Ahmari-French Debate observers, ask yourself: is it really possible to argue reasonably with people who are so fanatically committed to this revolution that they would be proud of proclaiming, on the lawn of a state capitol, that “All Men Should Be Penetrated”? That they would find it a cause for celebration that a middle-aged male teacher would spring this kind of thing on his students, and propagandize them?

This is the new normal that progressives want for us. If you don’t go along with it, you are deemed a hater and a bigot. Serious question: where is the space for rational dialogue with these revolutionaries?

UPDATE:Reader Liam thinks the image may be a photoshopped scam. 

UPDATE.2: Definitely not photoshopped. Here’s another photo from Instagram. Readers have sent in a number of them:

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