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Mob Drives Police Away

Rioters in Minneapolis pose for pictures in front of burning Third Precinct (Julio Rosas/Twitter)

This is big. This is big. From a crime beat reporter at the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

From the paper’s courts reporter, on the scene. He says that the Third Precinct is on fire:

Celebratory fireworks from the mob!

UPDATE: Libor Jany understands the symbolism of this moment:

UPDATE.2: The evacuation:

UPDATE.3: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Well then.

UPDATE.4: Consider the insanity of this: a public service announcement from the City urging the mob to step back from the police station they’re burning down, in case it goes all splodey-dope:

Good; I hope they shoot anybody who tries to break in:

UPDATE.5: I wanted the President to take a tough stand on the violence, but those fighting words are just going to up the ante, and force a bloody confrontation.

Think of where we are as a country: 40 million unemployed; the economic wrecked by this pandemic, which is not close to being over; we’ve all endured 10 weeks of lockdown; a lot of people — not just inner-city black people — are angry and frustrated and scared and just waiting for something to go off. And summer has just begun.

UPDATE.6: The Progressive Sage Of Flint speaks:

UPDATE.7: What a night in Minnesota! Here are some things that we are not supposed to notice:

UPDATE.8: My gosh, on live television, these moronic cops!

On the other hand, this guy is lucky they don’t arrest people for trying to tell people that what they’re seeing is not what’s happening:

UPDATE.9: This is full of profanity and the n-word, so be warned … but it’s important to realize what the authorities are dealing with. This is an antifa activist on antifa’s web channel. He’s threatening murder and violence.

UPDATE.10: While I was busy staying up all night to finish an editorial project (sun’s rising, I’m going to bed), I see that Black Lives Matter rioters broke into the Ohio Statehouse and vandalized it.

I’m about to crash for some hours. Hope everyone is here when I wake up, and we can make some sense of this.

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