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Amy Coney Barrett & The Groveling Greeks

Kappa Delta sorority's National Council. These woke white bourgeois queen bees are ashamed of their sorority sister Amy Coney Barrett (KappaDelta.org)

According to The Blaze, the college sorority to which Amy Coney Barrett belonged, Kappa Delta, sent out recently a timid acknowledgement that one of its members had been nominated to the US Supreme Court. The original September 28 tweet read:

KD alumna Amy Coney Barrett was nominated to serve on the Supreme Court. While we do not take a stand on political appointments, we recognize Judge Coney Barrett’s significant accomplishment. We acknowledge our members have a variety of views and a right to their own beliefs.

Super-cringey, but okay. But the women of Kappa Delta then had a gran mal woke seizure, and released this:


That is beyond pathetic. First, the fact that they did it under internal progressive pressure, and second — more interestingly — that they adopted a version of the standard Guilty Bourgeois White People jargon for confessing their sins against wokeness. We always need to have a more diverse group at all tables to make decisions in a more holistic, inclusive manner. Translation: we grant a veto over all our actions to progressives within the organization, especially progressives of color.

The Kappa Delta apology brings to mine these lines that an academic friend sent to me a couple of weeks back, to accompany a similar example of groveling before wokeness:

John McWhorter calls it the smell of urine: all these white people peeing their pants hoping they won’t be called racist. This disposition of fear is how institutions get destroyed.

Take a look at the KD website. Here is the page for “Some Notable Kappa Deltas”. Know who isn’t there? A nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States.

KD is big on “building confidence.” They devote a whole page on their website to it. They say:

Confidence is central to the Kappa Delta experience. Our mission is to provide experiences that build confidence in women and inspire them to action through the power of lifelong friendship. With a focus on values, Kappa Delta offers women the confidence to excel academically, develop leadership skills, become responsible citizens and take action in the world.

You don’t have to like Amy Coney Barrett, but good grief, she is incredibly accomplished. But now, according to Kappa Delta’s leadership, simply acknowledging that is taboo.

KD urges its members to “take the Confidence Pledge”:

Ha! Unless you are a conservative, in which case you are a non-person to Kappa Delta.

What a bunch of frauds. “I will not undermine other’s self-confidence. When speaking to or about other women, my words will be supportive and empowering.” Liars. You are nothing but a pack of liberal Mean Girls.

Let this be another reminder of the soft totalitarianism that the Left is bringing to our common life. Remember, a totalitarian society is one in which a) there is only one acceptable political line, and b) everything in life is political. Being snubbed by the Mean Girls in your sorority is not the same as being sent to the gulag, obviously, but it is a reminder that to the Left, everything is a battlefield. They will kick and scream and curse until they have unpersonned everybody who deviates even slightly from the party line. This incident with Amy Coney Barrett is one more example about how wokeness has become normalized in elite American life. Kappa Delta describes itself thus:

A national organization for women, Kappa Delta Sorority provides experiences that build confidence in women and inspire them to action through the power of lifelong friendship. With a focus on values, Kappa Delta offers women the confidence to excel academically, develop leadership skills, become responsible citizens and take action in the world.

Uh-huh. The sorority demonstrates that to be a leader in this new world, you have to be a total conformist to the left-wing line, and grovel when you fail to do so. In the Confidence Pledge, KDs say: “I will not give in to the pressure to fit society’s stereotypes.” They really do believe that, I bet. Behold the courageous non-conformists of the Kappa Delta National Council, white bourgeois queen bees who are ashamed of their sister Amy Coney Barrett. She ought to return the favor.

Kappa Delta’s National Council (KappaDelta.org)


UPDATE: Erin Manning, en fuego:

Let’s be blunt: there is no one a liberal woman hates more than a woman who opposes abortion on demand.

A liberal woman might be uncomfortable, or even performatively fearful, around a man who is opposed to abortion. But a woman who is pro-life provokes in her a hatred that is visceral, because she sees this as a betrayal of the sisterhood.

For some of these liberal women it’s personal: they killed off a few unwanted unborn kids in their wild days before settling down and welcoming a wanted child or two, and knowing women exist who disapprove of their choices to end the lives of their older children in utero makes them angry and bitter. But there are plenty of liberal women who never had abortions or unplanned pregnancies, and I would say their hatred is stronger because it is a hatred that exists on principle instead of as an excuse for prior behavior or a cover for hidden feelings of guilt.

Why? Because their argument that women can only be free so long as feticide is legal hinges on the idea that only women will “get it,” and will understand that pregnancy is a kind of enforced slavery unless the woman is perfectly happy about it, in which case the “blob of tissue” becomes a human child who is loved and wanted long before she is born. So when a woman says, “No, that’s not true, and it’s illogical; a pregnancy can be terminated by birth more than 99% of the time with no problem to the mother, and babies can be placed for adoption if the birth mother chooses this for her child…” the claws come out. Women must be pressured to accept that pregnancy is a form of slavery that will ruin a woman’s life if the circumstances aren’t exactly perfect and deliberately chosen beforehand; women must not be encouraged to think that pregnancy is a natural condition of the human female body, that it lasts only nine months, and that for most women it is uncomplicated. (Side note: only 5% of pregnancies involve any complications at all, let alone life-threatening ones; it is part of the systemic misogyny of modern medicine that we haven’t worked harder to solve those complications and instead offer to kill the child as a way of “fixing” the maternal pregnancy problems. I say this as one of the 5%.)

So it’s not surprising to see a bunch of sorority “sisters” go after the one who is less than enthusiastic about killing fetuses in the name of women’s rights and freedoms. Women aren’t supposed to be pro-life, especially not brilliant, educated, accomplished, happy ones.

UPDATE.2: A reader cc’d me on an e-mail she sent to Kappa Delta’s national office:

Since my confirmation as a Kappa Delta in 1991, I have been a proud KD. My Facebook friend list is full of members from my pledge class, who I love and adore. This same class were the women who founded the Zeta Kappa chapter at Ball State University. Because we founded the chapter, our composite photo sits on the wall of the chapter suite, forever at Ball State.
Today, I am embarrassed to be a Kappa Delta. Read the statement again, I am embarrassed to be a Kappa Delta. I am sad and angry our national sorority would be so brazen to issue an apology for letting the world know Amy Coney Barrett is a Kappa Delta. I was happy to see the article below [This blog post of mine — RD] blasting you for your stupidity. Shame on you Kappa Delta. Do you know how many conservative KDs you have managed to anger?
I am a Republican. I am pro-life. I support the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. I no longer believe I am a Kappa Delta. I have removed myself from your FB page and have removed myself from the Zeta Kappa Alumni FB page as well. Remove my name from your membership.
I’m pretty sure that the leadership of the sorority — the women in the photo above — have no problem acknowledging ACB’s accomplishments. But like so many institutional leaders, they are terrified of the young militants within the organization.

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