The conservative UK commentator Tim Stanley takes notice of a vicious slapfight between a loud faction of British feminists and transsexuals (whose side Stanley takes, interestingly enough). It’s amusing watching sexual revolutionaries devour themselves, especially when everyone involved is British, which means they are vastly superior to us Yanks when it comes to deploying sophisticated verbal firepower against each other. Stanley writes:

Burchill seems to think that transsexuals (or “bed wetters in bad wigs”) are engaged in a global conspiracy against “the minority of women of working-class origin to make it in what used to be called Fleet Street”, as if Rupert Murdoch spends his weekends in drag working out ways to destroy women with regional accents. And so the article is full of non-sequiturs about single parenthood and council houses. It’s a classic example of the identity politics revolution consuming itself. Liberalism has created different political classes of minorities who compete with each other for title of the most oppressed – and this invariably creates new forms of fascism as one group asserts itself over the other.

Do make a point of reading Julie Burchill’s screed. Whether you think she’s the Worst Person In The World, or has something of a point here, I think we can all agree that the woman knows how to go after her enemies in an extremely entertaining way. Somewhere, Christopher Hitchens and Evelyn Waugh must be looking down on that Burchill daisy-cutter and chortling with cruel English delight.