Steve Sailer says “Thank God McCain Lost,” and given what McCain is now mouthing off about, I second that emotion. Steve reminds us in a subsequent post that McCain wanted to threaten war with Russia over Georgia, and then snarks:

Thank God lunatics like [Pat] Buchanan are marginalized while thoughtful statesmen like McCain are accorded the respect their wisdom has earned.

Incidentally, did you see that the Republican presidential hopefuls, including Romney and Perry, came out blasting Obama for agreeing to withdraw the last troops from Iraq? Did they not notice that this is what George W. Bush agreed to? Did they not realize that Iraq is a sovereign nation, and we don’t have the right to tell it we’re going to keep soldiers there no matter what? TAC’s Philip Giraldi, quoting the AP, says McCain is now suggesting that NATO and/or the US (it’s unclear exactly which) turn its bellicose eyes away from Libya and toward Syria. WaPo coverage of that McCain speech, made in Jordan, here.

Where do these people come from? Have they not noticed that we’re broke and our military is in no position to carry on these wars? Do the American people actually support this? Granted, it’s not like Obama is much of an alternative…