What classy fans the Nittany Lions have. A report from game day outside the stadium in State College:

 In the middle of Curtin Road, John Matko held one handwritten sign in his right hand and rested another against his jeans. Two inches of black tape obscured Penn State’s logo on the 34-year-old father’s hat, as he tried to ignore the jeers, slaps and beer hurled at him.

“Put abused kids first,” one of Matko’s signs read. “Don’t be fooled, they all knew. Tom Bradley, everyone must go.”

Brave guy. Why brave? Because of this garbage:

“That is such bull–-!” one young woman screamed at him after glancing at the signs. “Who the f– do you think you are?”

Eyes hidden by blue aviator sunglasses, Matko didn’t respond.

A beer showered Matko. One man slapped his stomach. Another called him a “p–-.”

“I understand the culture,” said Matko, who graduated from Penn State in 2000 with a degree in nutrition. “I was part of it. It doesn’t surprise me what I’m getting from them.”

He got more of it. A lot more:

Matko’s vigil continued. “The kids are what this day is about, not who wins or loses,” the sign resting against his jeans read. “Or who lost their job and why. Honor the abused kids by cancelling the game and the season now.”

A passer-by kicked it.

“You’re going to get your a— kicked, man,” a man bellowed.

“That’s bull–-, guy,” another said.

Abuse flew at Matko from young and old, students and alumni, men and women. No one intervened. No one spoke out against the abuse. Over the course of an hour, a lone man stopped, read the sign and said, “I agree.” Those two words were swallowed by the profanity and threats by dozens of others during the hour.

Read the whole thing. Penn State lost, 17-14. Good.