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Hillary’s E-Mails: Once a Clinton…

I said earlier today that nobody wants to hear a member of the Bush family criticizing a Democrat’s policy on Iraq. Well, who on earth looks forward to hearing a member of the Clinton family issuing progressively modified explanations for why they broke the rules (and maybe the law) to serve themselves, and then lied about it? That’s what we’re getting with Hillary over the e-mail scandal:

Try as she might to focus on the policies she wants to enact if elected president, Hillary Rodham Clinton just can’t dig out of her inbox.

Clinton’s email problems are getting worse. She agreed to turn over her private server to the Justice Department this week on the same day Congress got word that at least two emails that traversed the device while she was secretary of state contained information that warranted one of the government’s highest levels of classification.

The developments suggest the investigation into the security of Clinton’s email setup could run deep into 2016, as she is trying to win the Democratic nomination for president and, potentially, the general election.

More, from Politico:

The announcement on Tuesday that Clinton would hand over her private email server marked a reversal. Clinton for months had refused to do so, despite frequent Republican demands. The decision came after the FBI opened a probe into the security of Clinton’s private email setup, sparked by a review from the intelligence community inspector general that found four classified messages among a sample of 40 of Clinton’s 35,000 emails.

That IG on Tuesday confirmed that two of the 40 emails it examined contained “top secret” information, according to a letter the office sent to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, and some Clinton critics have suggested that the candidate handed over her server when she did to distract from this finding.
Clinton had told reporters at the U.N. in March that “there is no classified material” in her emails, and [Clinton spokesman] Palmieri’s note on Wednesday clarified that “no information in her emails was marked classified at the time she sent or received them.”

This kind of thing reminds people of what they disliked about the Clintons: you never know what the truth is with these people. Christopher Hitchens captured it best in the title of his 1999 anti-Clinton book: No One Left To Lie To.

Honestly, if 2016 becomes a Clinton-Bush contest, I’m drinking the hemlock.

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