Rorate Caeli, the Catholic traditionalist blog, notes that Cardinal Mahony is tweeting like a drunken sorority girl, so giddy is he about the new pope. They say:

Amen, brothers, amen.

BUT … praise God, for the first time since 1054, an Orthodox leader — the Ecumenical Patriarch, no less — will attend a papal inauguration mass. 

UPDATE: Go, Ross Douthat, go! Excerpt:

If Catholicism has a future in the Western world as something more than a foil, an Other and a symbol of the Benighted Past We Have Safely Left Behind, it needs its leaders to set an example that proves these voices wrong. Before anything else, that requires a generation of priests and bishops who hold themselves to a higher standard — higher than their immediate predecessors, and higher than the world.

It also requires more from the new pope than an evocative name and a humble posture. Catholicism needs someone like Pius V, the 16th-century pontiff at whose tomb Francis prayed on the day after his elevation — a disciplinarian whose housecleaning helped further the Counter-Reformation. The Vatican needs purgation at the top, to enable real renewal from below. And the church as a whole needs to offer and embody proof — in Rome, the local parish and everywhere in between — that the alternative Catholicism preaches can actually be lived.

Actions, not words. Actions.