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What It Feels Like To Be On A Ventilator

Patient in respiratory assistance, intensive care (BSIP/GettyImages)

I continue to be amazed by the number of people who still believe that this is a hoax-panic organized by the media and the Democrats to hurt Trump, or simply that it’s not a big deal, and everybody’s freaking out for nothing. The stuff I’m hearing not just online, but from people in my social circles, talking about friends and family — it’s genuinely scary. The psychological resistance to doing what must be done to protect themselves, and the community, is almost freakish.

If that’s you, or you know somebody who is like this, take a look at this thread.The author is Susan Hennessey, a prominent DC lawyer and analyst:

Keep in mind that if you are hospitalized for coronavirus, you will be lucky if there is a ventilator for you. There probably won’t be enough — that depends on how bad the outbreak gets here. That’s why you need to stay at home.

UPDATE: #CoronaKatie is appallingly selfish and immature:


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