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How Soft Totalitarianism Works

Jordan Peterson: one Canadian who refuses to live by pronoun lies (A still from the pronoun-showdown video that made JP famous)

News from Canada:

A human rights tribunal in British Columbia, Canada, has ruled that refusing to use someone’s correct pronouns violates their human rights.

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled in favour of restaurant server Jessie Nelson, 32, a non‐binary, gender fluid, transgender person, who was fired from their job after asking the bar manager to use they/them pronouns to refer to them.

Brian Gobelle “persistently referred to Jessie Nelson with she/her pronouns and with gendered nicknames like ‘sweetheart’, ‘honey’, and ‘pinky’”, according to the ruling by Devyn Cousineau, member of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

Despite Nelson asking Gobelle to stop, he refused, and a second conversation between them about the issue became “heated”. Four days later, Nelson was fired by Ryan Kingsberry, who runs the restaurant.

Explaining to Nelson why they were fired, Kingsberry said they had come on “too strong too fast” and were too “militant”.

Nelson later took their case to the human rights tribunal, alleging that “Gobelle’s conduct towards them, and the employer’s response, amounts to discrimination in employment based on their gender identity and expression”, in violation of the British Columbia Human Rights Code.

Cousineau agreed that Nelson’s human rights had been violated by the deliberate misgendering.

The judge ordered the Canada restaurant’s management to pay Nelson $30,000 in damages, as well as “implement a pronoun policy and mandatory training for all staff and managers about diversity, equity and inclusion”.

$30,000 over pronouns! (Plus forcing the entire staff to undergo re-education.)

See, if this were hard totalitarianism, the restaurant manager would have been sent to prison. But under our soft totalitarianism, the restaurant manager has to pay a fine amounting to over half the median annual income of someone in British Columbia. Bet this will force all employers to obey the gender ideologues, and live by lies to keep from being bankrupted.

“Human rights” my primitive root wiener. This is woke tyranny. Check out this PragerU video for how this particular form of tyranny works in the US:

And here is Jordan Peterson from 2018, explaining why he defied this garbage:

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