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The Courage Of David Romps

Climate scientist David M. Romps, in the classroom at Berkeley (Source)

Earlier today, I posted a clip involving a UC-Berkeley professor favorably quoting an academic paper or book of scathingly anti-white rhetoric, suggesting (among other things) that white children are “born human,” but then learn to be white. The fact that a professor can speak that way about people of another race, and face no protest or sanction, indicates that Berkeley, one of the most elite universities in the country, is a racist institution. As such, it is no different than other leading American universities.

Well, here’s new news from Woke Berkeley:

The canceled MIT lecturer is Dr. Dorian Abbot, disinvited by MIT under pressure from students and professors who objected to Abbot’s published views about diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) programs.

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about how fortunate we are that wokeness is a curse of the humanities, and can’t touch STEM fields. This is just the most remarkable damn thing: scientists refusing to listen to other scientists because they don’t like their political views — especially when those views are completely mainstream in this country. This kind of thing is destroying the country. The most truthful thing Donald Trump ever said: “Everything woke turns to sh*t.”

Those Berkeley scientists ought to be ashamed of themselves. David Romps is a courageous man, sacrificing his important position over principle.

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