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Behold, the patriarch

Christopher Johnson at Midwestern Conservative Journal draws our eyes to Rutherford Johnson — that’s His Royal Highness Prince Rutherford Johnson of Etruria, who is also Rutherford Cardinal Johnson, the patriarch of the recently invented Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church. Chris writes:

I really don’t mean to poke fun here.  If the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church brings you closer to God and helps you to better serve and glorify His Son, then God bless, strengthen and encourage both it and you in your walk with Him.

But look.  What do you suppose would happen if I were to decided that I was a member of some Indian tribe no one had ever heard of and that my “people” and that I intended to seek federal recognition?  What if I were to start calling myself a Knight Templar, a real member of the real order which, contrary to the views of actual historians, mostly escaped the clutches of Philip the Fair and remained in existence?

What do you think the reaction would be if I seriously declared that I had just discovered that I was a direct descendant of the Paleologus family, invented myself a seal with my name and titles in Greek around a double-headed eagle and started seriously styling myself “Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn.”  I’ll tell you what the reaction would be.

People would quite rightly think I was nuts.

Now, now, Mr. Johnson, where is your imagination? Where is your charity? I, for one, would like to extend an invitation to the Prince-Patriarch, pictured below, to relocate the Curia here to West Feliciana Parish. We love eccentrics, we’re fairly Anglophilic around here (this parish is known as English Louisiana), and our local clergy could certainly use some more scarlet in their collective raiment. I mean, come on, look at this get-upEcce, His Eminence’s Nativity address to the faithful:

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