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A Benedictine Thanksgiving

I went by my son Matt’s place this morning to pick up a book and to bring him coffee. We sat on his stoop talking. I told him that he will be a happy man when he comes home this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, because I ordered a case of Birra Nursia blonde. He was thrilled. Just a few seconds later, literally, my phone buzzed, telling me that FedEx had just that moment delivered the precious nectar to my front door.

It turns out that you can buy happiness after all. Here is a link to the Birra Nursia online store, where you can have 750ml bottles shipped to you in a matter of days (maybe even in time for Thanksgiving). It is not cheap, but if you are a serious beer drinker, it’s worth it. Matt and I prefer the blonde, which is crisper, and lower in alcohol (six percent) than the darker ale (ten percent), but that’s just because neither of us are big fans of dark ales. It’s all completely delicious. I have visited the monastery in Norcia — read more about the monastery here — where the monks make it in small batches. You can feel good about your purchase, because it supports the work of the Benedictines there in St. Benedict’s birthplace. In fact, the last time I visited, Brother Augustine Wilmeth, a South Carolina native, was the brewmaster. Look at that beard. That monk, brethren and sistren, is the man you want to be brewing your holiday ale:


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