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Posts tagged “humility”

Humiliation, A Severe Mercy

Christianity, and how to be cured of triumphalism

Posted May 23rd, 2019

Christmas, and Completing the Circle

The best gift I received today was one I never expected

Posted December 25th, 2015

The Value of Therapy

Too proud to seek out a therapist? Dante says humble yourself, and be healed

Posted April 15th, 2015

The Secret, Saintly Auden

A reader sends this Edward Mendelson piece from the New York Review …

Posted March 3rd, 2014

Brooks, The Prodigal Son, And Humility

David Brooks reflects on the parable of the Prodigal Son. You know …

Posted February 18th, 2014

Humility, We Hates It, Preciousss

Win Bassett passes along these words from theologian Richard Beck, in answer …

Posted January 10th, 2014