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We Almost Lost Notre-Dame

The Paris cathedral came closer to collapse than we knew

Posted July 17th, 2019

The Cathedral Interprets The Chicago Attack

It’s as if the anti-white, anti-Trump element of the crime never happened

Posted January 7th, 2017

Reactionaries In Our Time

Preferring the cathedral to The Cathedral

Posted September 9th, 2016

A Surprising Fact About Medieval Cathedrals

I may owe Peterborough Cathedral an apology

Posted February 9th, 2016

Rent-A-Cathedral Disgrace

This is what it means to live in post-Christian Britain

Posted February 6th, 2016

View From Your Table

Amiens, Picardie, France

Posted December 14th, 2015

The Desecration of Chartres

A restoration that makes the cathedral look like ‘a funeral parlor in Little Italy ‘

Posted December 15th, 2014

Episcopalians & The Way Of The Seashell

An Episcopalian reader e-mails: Oooh—a rousing Episcopalian snarkfest over a sculpture recently …

Posted January 30th, 2014

Turkish Islamists & The Hagia Sophia

Turns out it’s not just a rumor that powerful Islamists within Turkey’s …

Posted December 6th, 2013

Feminist Mob Attacks Cathedral

This video is probably NSFW. I read all about the small number …

Posted December 3rd, 2013

Paris Vs. Regrettable Orthodox Church

Above, an artist’s rendering of what a Russian Orthodox church Moscow wants …

Posted November 27th, 2012

Double Standards: Germany v. Russia

Well, well, well: Church officials at a German cathedral have filed charges …

Posted August 24th, 2012