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Ressentiment As Religion

Left-wing identity politics is marching through the institutions — and conservatives have no idea how to fight it

Posted August 27th, 2019

Moralistic Therapeutic Med School

Erasing the white stain from medical history, one woke med school at a time

Posted August 26th, 2019

Carleton’s Title IX Star Chamber

Couple gets drunk, hooks up. Biased Title IX hearing kicks guy out of school as a rapist

Posted August 1st, 2019

‘Unrestrained Male Sexual Desire Nearly Destroyed My Family’

An ideal family — until his father-in-law confessed to having a secret promiscuous gay life

Posted June 27th, 2019

The Wild West Of Male Sexual Desire

Gay male reader says we are living in a sexualized version of Cormac McCarthy’s dystopia

Posted June 26th, 2019

Courtship & Republicans

Is there a connection between young adults’ inability to find marriage partners, and their rejection of the GOP?

Posted June 4th, 2019

Agony & Hope Is Born

A new blog about Christian courtship in the post-Christian world

Posted May 28th, 2019

The Agony & Hope Of Christian Courtship

An Australian Catholic writer explores the difficulties of finding a mate in the modern world

Posted May 25th, 2019

The Race War The Left Wants

‘Identity politics is exactly who we are’ says prominent Democrat. She’s right

Posted May 24th, 2019

Where Are The Good Christian Men?

A believing Australian Catholic writer, 32, despairs of ever finding a suitable husband

Posted May 14th, 2019

The Unromantic Jordan Peterson

A Christian critic says Peterson does not counter the neoliberal sexual ethic, but reinforces it

Posted April 5th, 2019

Equality Act = Female Erasure

Why are so many liberals — including liberal women — willing to surrender safe spaces?

Posted March 27th, 2019

Drafting Daughters To Fight America’s Wars

Bush-appointed judge rules women must register for Selective Service

Posted February 24th, 2019

Manhood As Mental Disorder

The American Psychological Association recommends gelding males for their own good

Posted January 7th, 2019

‘But … But Racism And Sexism Are Progressive!’

Sure, Amy Siskind is a bigot — but she’s a bigot for the left

Posted December 21st, 2018

Jane Austen Saves Woman From Feminism

And, in turn, from a life of loneliness and unhappiness

Posted December 3rd, 2018

Campus Ideology Migrates To Culture

Heather Mac Donald warns: What happens on crazy campuses does not stay there

Posted November 13th, 2018