Category: Law

Why Federal Judges Matter

Reversing Obama order, court says doctors do not have to perform transgender surgeries or lose their medical licenses
Rod Dreher October 15, 2019

Bill Barr: Religious Liberty Warrior

The Attorney General's extraordinary speech at Notre Dame
Rod Dreher October 14, 2019

Gender Theory Outlaws Reality

If transgenderism's claims are to be taken seriously, then matter doesn't matter
Rod Dreher October 9, 2019

The Annoying Part Of The First Amendment

Religious liberty is not important to defend, according to a First Amendment charity
Rod Dreher September 13, 2019

Knifing Liberalism At Harvard

Students protesting a law prof's defense of Harvey Weinstein take a scalp -- but the story is complicated
Rod Dreher May 12, 2019

Kansas: Now The Abortion State

Justice Caleb Stegall the lone dissenter in landmark pro-abortion ruling
Rod Dreher April 26, 2019

BC Judge Gags Thought Criminal Dad

His daughter is a biological female -- but a Canadian judge forbids him to say so
Rod Dreher April 24, 2019

Inside The Poverty Palace

Southern Poverty Law Center: where 'justice rolls down like dollars'
Rod Dreher March 25, 2019

Cultural Socialism In The Law

A progressive Canadian lawyer called it social injustice. He had to shut down his firm
Rod Dreher February 13, 2019

Drowning Cultural Conservatism

Conservatives are all but defenseless against liquid modernity's left-liberal flood
Rod Dreher November 27, 2018