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China’s Present, America’s Future

Technocracy, tyranny, and the future of our freedom

Posted October 8th, 2019

Will Arbery’s Heroes

A stunning Off Broadway play about Catholic conservatives captures the restless spirits of the age of culture war

Posted October 2nd, 2019

Life Without Meaning

We are in the beginning of the post-Christian Wars of Religion

Posted September 24th, 2019

Caldwell Explains Orban

How to make sense of the Hungarian leader

Posted September 10th, 2019

Viktor Orban Among The Christians

An extraordinary afternoon session with the controversial Hungarian prime minister

Posted September 9th, 2019

Slovakia Postcard

Faith, culture, and confiture in Nitra and Bratislava

Posted September 5th, 2019

Identity Politics & The Great Scattering

Mary Eberstadt’s theory of how we lose the self in liquid modernity

Posted August 29th, 2019

How To Live Not By Lies

Solzhenitsyn’s simple formula for regaining one’s inner freedom

Posted August 28th, 2019

France’s Master Of ‘Materialist Horror’

An interview with Michel Houellebecq scholar Louis Betty

Posted August 25th, 2019

For Whom The (Fake) Bell Tolls

Sounding a sad note of decline in rural America

Posted August 21st, 2019

Yale & The Crisis Of American Elites

What is Yale for? What is the raison d’etre of our leadership class?

Posted August 19th, 2019

The Metaphysics Of Woke Capitalism

How the identity-politics left and the market-worshipping right conspire to create a ‘spiritual technology’

Posted August 17th, 2019

The Controlling Power Of Big Data

‘Small data points monitored continuously can be very predictive of behaviors’

Posted August 14th, 2019

Mass Shootings: A Materialist Horror

What unites these killers? They’re looking for meaning once provided by religion

Posted August 13th, 2019

It’s Not Paranoia If It’s True

The world is not ordered as we think it is. It’s not even disordered as we think it is

Posted August 13th, 2019

Christian Cultural Cognitive Dissonance

Maybe the Benedict Option is a bad idea. So what else you got?

Posted August 12th, 2019

Male Loneliness In Suburbia

A letter from a man in despair

Posted August 10th, 2019