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The Cascina San Benedetto Vision

An encouraging letter from young Italian Catholics who are building the Benedict Option locally
Rod Dreher December 13, 2019

Church Without Community

Single Millennial Christian is desperate for thick community -- but can only find it with unbelievers at his job
Rod Dreher December 12, 2019

The Climate Crisis & The Benedict Option

Both the global warming emergency and Christianity's decline have things in common -- including survival strategies
Rod Dreher December 12, 2019

Living — Not Just Performing — The Faith

That time the worldly New York writer discovered that Christianity requires renunciation
Rod Dreher December 11, 2019

Francis The Pocket-Picking Pope

Report: Pope quietly uses donations meant to serve the needy to pay Vatican bills -- and invest in dodgy projects
Rod Dreher December 11, 2019

Building The Benedict Option: A Query

Anglican reader wants to develop a Christian community on his land. But there's a big problem
Rod Dreher December 10, 2019

Postmodernism Destroyed His Church

Reader: When wokeness hit my conservative Evangelical church, it tore it apart
Rod Dreher December 10, 2019

In Defense Of Doomsayers

Pete Wehner says conservative Christians should chill with their apocalypticism. He's mostly wrong
Rod Dreher December 9, 2019

Black Evangelical: ‘White People, Chill Out’

Letter from a conservative black Christian reader on the rise of a minority within a minority
Rod Dreher December 7, 2019

Race, Identity Politics, And Evangelicalism

Will racial politics be to conservative churches what sexual politics was to liberal ones?
Rod Dreher December 6, 2019