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Dr. Devil Worshiper Vs. Monkeypox

On Joe Biden's Satanic monkeypox czar: 'It's like we're living in a C.S. Lewis novel'
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Are there any limits to the weirdos this Democratic administration will hire for important positions? You might have thought the baldheaded cross-dressing sadomasochist Sam Brinton was the outer limits (Biden appointed him to head an office within the Department of Energy). And, of course, transgender assistan Secretary of Health Rachel Levine:

Rachel Levine and Sam Brinton, on the town

But now comes Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, the president's appointment as monkeypox czar. National Pulse says of him:

Daskalakis is known for his efforts in the world of HIV and other diseases affecting the LGBTQ+ community, having attended New York University Medical School, followed by a residency, fellowship, and additional masters degree from Harvard Medical School. In an interview with The Atlantic in 2014, he said “I learned my bedside manner from East Village drag queens.” He attended Columbia University as an undergraduate and was a “general and religion double major.” Raised by Greek Orthodox immigrants in Arlington, Virginia, a review of Dr. Daskalakis’s social media presence reveals a penchant for pentagrams and other Satanic symbolism, The National Pulse can reveal.

They're not kidding. And it's not scurrilous conspiratorial innuendo. Dr. Daskalakis has documented online his adventures in the world of the occult and homosexual sadomasochism. For example, here is the doctor (right, in the pentagram helmet), with his husband Michael Macneal, wearing a crown of thorns:

The two started a Satanic gym in Manhattan, called Monster Cycle:


More from the gym:

There's a lot more:


Of course President Biden had every right to do this, but the question is -- why? Why do the Democrats promote such dark and strange people to high office? Somebody said on Twitter the other day that QAnon types freak out over the idea that the state is run by a Satanic cabal, and we all laugh at that ... but then the president appoints to high office a gay sadomasochist who presents himself as a Satanist, so... .

A friend said to me at dinner tonight, "It's like we're living in a C.S. Lewis novel." Exactly. Signs of the times.