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Did Hunter Biden Help Facilitate NBCUniversal’s Beijing Theme Park?

An email from Hunter Biden's hard drive indicates Chinese investors wanted an introduction from him
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Back in March, I wrote a column in these pages about the Chinese business entanglements of major media companies in the U.S. By far the most seriously entangled is Comcast, the owner of NBCUniversal, parent company of NBC and MSNBC, which is in the process of opening a Universal Studios theme park in Beijing.

Portions of Hunter Biden’s hard drive have now been shared with TAC. On the drive is an email from president of Rosemont Seneca Eric Schwerin, a company co-founded by Hunter and John Kerry’s stepson, saying that Chinese state-owned enterprise CITIC was hoping they would make introductions with Universal employees and propose the Beijing theme park.

“They’d like an introduction to Universal (Comcast) as they’d like to open a Universal Studios China theme park outside of Beijing,” Schwerin writes. “As I said, that one should be easy via Melissa Mayfield/David Cohen [two Comcast executives].”

“She said they’d like to pay us for our help on these — I told her we’d discuss whether we could do that — but were sure we could figure something out even if it was success fee based on the US side but that I would talk to you,” Schwerin added.

To what extent this was followed up on is at this point unclear. However, what it indicates is that a company founded by two Democratic political scions was willing to facilitate a deal for their friendliest media network, a network that has been unrelentingly hostile to Trump and more or less completely ignored recent Hunter Biden disclosures. If Hunter helped facilitate a sweet deal like this, it’s only fair that they scratch his back too.



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