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The Desmondization Of America

ACLU sues to force Drag Queen Story Hour, and transvestism at Luther Seminary
Lutheran divine Anders Nelson channels Dolly Parton hymn celebrating hot loins, in Luther Seminary Chapel (Anders Nelson Facebook)

Oh great, the ACLU is suing the City of Lafayette (La.) over the city’s decision not to allow a Drag Queen Story Hour in the local library.

Understand: the ACLU considers it discriminatory for a library to turn down a request by men dressed up as women to read storybooks to children. Seems to me that the ACLU is all in favor of the Desmondization of America. 

No kidding, though, this really and truly ticks me off. Do the people of Lafayette not have the right to decide that drag queens reading stories to kids in the public library is not something they want in their community? Drag queens are a protected class now? Does everybody in the country have to have the morals of the spiritually debauched Evangelical Lutheran Church of America now?

Here’s what I mean. At its Luther Seminary, the denomination’s largest training school for ministry, seminarian Anders Nelson, who has been an intern pastor at an ELCA parish, lip-synched to a Dolly Parton song in the seminary’s chapel, as part of the school’s annual Lip Sync contest. Watch this spiritual father of Lutheran souls shake his groove thang here. 

He won the contest, by the way. In the video, Pastor Nelson performs “Baby I’m Burning” in the chapel. Chorus:

Pastor Nelson

Baby I’m burning out of control
Baby I’m burning body and soul
Hot as a pistol of flaming desire
Baby I’m burning
You got me on fire



Some church, that ELCA. It’s superstar pastor, Nadia Bolz-Weber, who recently endorsed “ethically sourced” pornography (note to zoophiles: make sure that the chicken being bonked in that perv video you love is cage-free, unless, of course, the chicken is into BDSM and consenting) left her Colorado parish in charge of a drag queen pastor named — not making this up — “Fruitbomb.”

Desmond Is Amazing has a bright future as an ELCA bishop — if ELCA is still around when he grows up, that is.

I kid! Nobody takes a drag queen pastor seriously, or a church that celebrates drag queens singing about their sizzling loins in chapel. Still, it’s amazing to see how decadent a formerly staid church has gotten. Bet if they wanted to have a conservative Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) Story Hour at a public library, ACLU lawyers would run over Cajun grammaws in their Priuses to get to the courthouse to sue.

UPDATE: Here’s video of one of the would-be drag queens from Lafayette speaking at a public hearing about the matter. After the 2:20 point, he says that the event is meant for “the grooming of the next generation.” Freudian slip!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=899uwvQE7Ic&w=525&h=300]

UPDATE.2: Reader Elijah writes:

Well, my little rural county just had a similar drag queen event at the main library (our county is barely 100,000 people). It was in the local paper and I called a close Christian friend who wrote the story and asked her how on earth this came to be and she said the library staff came up with the idea (“experts”, no doubt) and the higher-ups at the paper insisted on a story: the reporters had no interest and told everyone the reaction in our rural county would not be good.

Know how many people attended? Six. All children of the staff. What a shock.

And I can tell you that the library staff is now under enormous fire for having planned the event at all: in an era of reduced resources for many Americans, and access to information still not available to many rural people, is this what we’re paying the library staff to do?



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