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Des Moines Diocese Lives Not By Lies

Bishop William Joensen says Catholicism, not gender ideology, sets the policy in diocesan institutions
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As I live and breathe, here is good news from the church: the Catholic Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa, has decided that it would rather be Catholic than woke. The diocese is led by Bishop William Joensen, pictured above. Excerpts:

The Diocese of Des Moines in Iowa has been praised for leading the war on woke has by banning preferred pronouns in schools and parishes, and ruling that students and worshipers must use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their biological sex. 

The new stipulations from The Diocese of Des Moines went into effect on Monday, and all revolve around how the religious organization deals with gender at its 17 schools and 80 parishes across the state. 

While some activists complained, many in Iowa hailed the decision as a long overdue crackdown. 

Their comments echoed those of parents across the country, who have protested rapidly changing trans rules in public schools in various states.  

'Finally, a church that is acting like a church,' said one admirer of the Diocese's decision. 


Amen to that! But a Democratic state senator is shrieking -- you guessed it -- "Suicide!":

The Democrat went on to claim that the rules could drive kids towards 'suicide':

Progressives such as State Sen. Claire Celsi are already slamming the stipulations as un-Christian

'These schools want public dollars and want to treat kids in a way that might cause them to commit suicide,' the politician said.

Celsi would then brazenly declare: 'This is not what Jesus would do.'

Oh, please. Jesus of Nazareth would be pro-transgender? What a nut, and a crybully.

Here's what the diocese's rules are, according to its website:

  1. Designations and Pronouns. Any parochial, organizational, or institutional documentation which requires the designation of a person’s sex is to reflect that person’s biological sex. No person may designate a “preferred pronoun” in speech or in writing when related to ministry activities of any kind, nor are parishes, organizations, or institutions to permit such a designation. To permit the designation of a preferred pronoun, while intended as an act of charity, instead promotes the dissociation of biological sex and “gender” and thereby confuses or denies personal integrity. 

2. Bathrooms and Locker Rooms. All persons must use the bathroom or locker room that matches their biological sex. Diocesan parishes, organizations, and institutions are permitted to have individual-use bathrooms that are available for all members of the respective community. 

3. Attire. All persons are to ordinarily present themselves in a manner consistent with their God-given dignity. Where a dress code or uniform exists, all persons are to follow the dress code or uniform that accords with their biological sex. 

4. Athletics and Extra-Curriculars. Participation in parish, school, and co-curricular activities must be consistent with the biological sex of the participant. Some sports and activities may be open to participation by persons of both sexes. 

5. Single-Sex Schools, Buildings, and other Programs and Institutions. Admission to single-sex programs, including but not limited to single-sex schools, camps, and retreats, is restricted to persons of the designated biological sex. Residences or other designated single-sex buildings are to be restricted to persons of the respective biological sex. 

6. Medication. No person is permitted to have on-site or to distribute any medications for the purpose of gender reassignment. Also, students and those entrusted to the care of the Church are not permitted to take “puberty blockers,” even if self-administered, on parish or school property, with the purpose of a potential or actual “gender reassignment.” 

7. Protecting the Vulnerable. Those entrusted to the care of the Church who express a tension between their biological sex and their “gender” and others directly affected by this tension (parents, guardians, etc.) should be guided to appropriate ministers and counselors who will assist the person in a manner that is in accord with the directives and teachings of the Church. Parishes, schools, and other Catholic institutions or organizations should be ever mindful, in accord with the policies of this document, to practice charity and to respect the personal dignity of individuals who may express tension or concerns about their biological sex

It is breathtaking to think that common sense rules like this are considered unusual and brave these days, but that's where we are. Good for Bishop Joensen. What happens if the state decides to pull public funding? We'll see. But let's be grateful for this move. What about your diocese, or whatever the ecclesiastical governing division of your church is? Bishop Joensen should not stand alone.


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Theodore Iacobuzio
Theodore Iacobuzio
Where have I seen the suicide wheeze before? Wait, wasn’t it…oh, yeah.

God bless you, Your Excellency.
schedule 5 months ago
Giuseppe Scalas
Giuseppe Scalas
That's welcome news.
However, transsexualism is a mental illness and, when a person is diagnosed with gender dysphoria, I think a charitable accommodation should be found, as one would with a disabled person. An appropriate policy should be in place to deal with such cases with the required delicacy.
But in all things, the sex binary should be the rule.
I think that the youth suicide problem is partly due to the fact that a complacent adult is an adult who actually doesn't give a da*n.
Caring adults provide rules and guardrails.
schedule 5 months ago
    Theodore Iacobuzio
    Theodore Iacobuzio
    In the run-up to SSM the extremely high level of the discourse from the proponent side ran, "Do as I say or this teen hangs himself." (I know I've used this crack before, but it amuses me.)

    The great historian John Lukacs again and again hammered home the truth that no event in history is or can be what he called "monocausal" simply (if that's the word) because history is made by human beings. His masterpiece is this regard is his extended consideration in "The Duel" of Hitler's motives and purposes in his order to von Rundstedt to halt at the Aa Canal, if you're interested.

    The same goes for a tragedy like suicide. If a teenager is so full of misery he decides to end it, to pick one cause (and who besides the kid himself knows all the truth?) and say, "Look what you did, you homophobe!" is preposterous and dishonest. Most important it's not an argument and has no place in one.

    But it has wormed its way into respectable political discourse in the Trans wars, as Dreher's post evinces, and it ain't going away.
    schedule 5 months ago