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DNC Sandbagging Bernie?

Democratic Party chief wants total Iowa re-do -- just as Bernie about to pass Pete
Bernie Sanders Discusses Caucus Vote Count Delay On Flight From Iowa To NH

This just in from the head of the Democratic National Committee:

Funny, the timing of that, just as Bernie Sanders’s votes are starting to overtake Pete Buttigieg’s, with three percent of the votes left to be counted:

Was having a drink last night with an American political observer, a fellow conservative who came to Rome for the national conservatism conference. He said he thinks Bernie will be the Democratic nominee, and probably the president. Why? I asked. He made a case that boiled down to Bernie having the fire behind him, as Trump did in 2016 in the GOP field. If I were a Democrat voter even remotely interested in Sanders, that tweet by Tom Perez would make me want to crawl over glass to vote for him. The thing is, it really is true that Iowa has been a complete disaster (the NYT has found a shocking number of them). I can’t blame Perez, but surely he has the sense to understand that given the DNC’s role in 2016 of trying to sabotage Bernie to help Hillary, Sanders supporters have every reason to distrust Perez.

Me, I like to see insurgent Bernie stick it to the Democratic establishment (that, for me, was the only enjoyable thing about Trump’s primary campaign). But Tucker Carlson reminds us that Bernie really is far out there. Excerpt:

Sanders is running on a premise that you might recognize, actually, if you voted for Donald Trump in 2016. The system is rotten and corrupt, elect me, and I will fight for you. Except in this case, with Bernie, there’s some evidence that he will also tear down a lot of it — maybe all of it.

So far, Sanders has promised to use executive orders to open the borders, just in case you didn’t think the country was changing fast enough already.

Sanders wants to ban hydraulic fracking, which would shutter America’s most productive economic sector and make us once again dependent on Middle Eastern theocracies. Sanders promises it will be fine, though, because of the Green New Deal, which, not incidentally, will give him total control of a huge portion of the American economy. So there’s that.

And then he says he would nationalize our health care system and make private insurance illegal. He would hike the top tax income bracket, he’d impose a wealth levy on those who he thinks have too much, and that’s just for starters.

Bernie’s also for the Equality Act, which would write gay and trans rights into federal civil rights laws, and for restriction-free abortion. But his platform — see here — has a lot of appealing stuff in it. His social views and his open borders stance are deal breakers for me, though on those issues, he’s the same as the other Democrats.

Anyway, what do you Sanders voters, or potential Sanders voters, in the readership of this blog think about what Tom Perez is up to today? How are you feeling about the party? Probably about like how Trumpy Republican voters were thinking at this time back in 2016, eh?

Any of you conservative voters thinking of voting for Bernie? If so, why?



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