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Deductions for Dressage, and Other Romney Tales

I assumed, a month or two ago, that media and political pressure would compel Romney to release some tax returns. Apparently I was wrong. Here, anyway, the issue is mentioned again in an extremely powerful Obama (actually anti-Romney) endorsement by former ambassador Dan Simpson in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Among his many telling points are this:

It is important to remember, on the eve of the elections, that Mr. Romney still has provided only a limited, edited report of his recent taxes. The information he has yielded is far short of what I had to provide federal authorities in 1989 and 1995 to win Senate confirmation of my appointments to be U.S. ambassador to the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He also notes the large deduction Romney took for Ann Romney’s dressage horse. And, of course, his neocon advisers.

I had signed up go canvass for Obama in Virginia during the last four days before election day. A funeral and memorial service has since intervened. (An uncle, who lived a long and full life). Sorry TAC readers will be deprived of first person ground-level account of the fight in a critical swing state.

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