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DARPA Covid Whistleblower’s Blockbuster Claim

Project Veritas says buried documents show Fauci signed off on forbidden gain-of-function research
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A potential blockbuster revelation today from Project Veritas:

According to alleged leaked documents prepared for the Pentagon’s Inspector General, DARPA rejected a 2018 proposal by the EcoHealth Alliance to do research on bat-borne coronavirus, in conjunction with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because in DARPA’s judgment, it was too close to forbidden “gain of function” research. But Dr. Anthony Fauci later green-lighted the research, despite later denying under oath that he did.

Here’s a link to the leaked documents. 

Project Veritas contacted the Marine Corps major who prepared the report to ask him to verify it. He declined to talk about the documents, but he did say this:

The documents also appear to confirm that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for Covid infection. If this is true, and these documents are authentic, it raises the obvious question: why did the US Government work to suppress this knowledge and these treatments?

Dr. Fauci will be questioned today at a Congressional hearing. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say about all this. If these documents are fake, then Maj. Joseph Murphy will have destroyed his military career for the sake of a hoax. How likely is that? If their allegations prove true, though, then the senior US public health scientist signed off on the project that, mismanaged by the Wuhan lab, infected the world with a virus bioengineered by the Americans and the Chinese — and then lied about it.



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