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Dante Does Dallas

Free lecture on How Dante Can Save Your Life by me on Monday night

Hey North Texas readers, I will be in Dallas on Monday March 2, talking about how Dante saved my life. The Covenant School is hosting me at a lecture — free and open to the public — about the Divine Comedy and how the wisdom in Dante’s poem can change us for the better. Lecture starts at 7pm, with Q&A to follow, winding up at 8:30. Covenant is at 7300 Valley View Drive; directions here. 


I’ll be back through Dallas in late April, after How Dante Can Save Your Life is published, for a signing at the Barnes & Noble near Northpark. Except then, it won’t be Lent, and I’ll be able to bust the chicken enchiladas in mole sauce platter at Mi Cocina wide open.

You don’t realize how much Tex-Mex makes life worth living until you move away from Texas and can’t get decent Tex-Mex anymore. Please, no taunting the penitent glutton.



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