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‘Ve Haff Vays Of Making You Get Vaxxed’

Nations are making vaccine resisters into pariahs
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As you know, I am vaccinated against Covid, and recently got the booster. I am a middle-aged man with immune system problems, so I judged it important to get vaxxed. I think most people should get vaxxed, but I oppose vaccine mandates. My God, what is being done to the unvaxxed in Europe is terrifying. Take a look:

Later in the thread, some respondents say that this does not look like Germany. This is obviously happening somewhere, though. For example:

And, of course, China, putting its social credit system mentality to use:

… against children:

I don’t think these governments believe that fences and shopping restrictions directly hinder the spread of Covid. They are trying to make everyday life harder for the unvaxxed, and to turn them into social pariahs, to compel them to conform and get the vaccines.

Don’t you see what’s happening here?! This is also a trial run for the future. You will have seen academics (for example, here), medical authorities (here), and even governments (this summer, the Mayor of Chicago and the city’s public health department) declaring that “racism is a public health issue.” It is not difficult to imagine a future in which the state, in the name of health and hygiene, imposes restrictions on those it determines to be bigots. Does it sound far-fetched? Maybe. But look, if parents angry over what school systems are doing to their kids can be considered potential “domestic terrorists,” the potential is there. Do you really think that the Woke in power would not use public health as an excuse to punish their political opponents?

UPDATE: From Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, who is a psychiatrist and director of the medical ethics program at University of California Irvine medical school. Here is his website:




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