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CNN Versus Biological Reality

The big money behind the dissemination of the transgender lie.

CNN stated last week that human sexual dimorphism, biological reality, is disputed. You really need to take a moment to let that settle on you.

CNN is owned by Warner Media, which is owned by AT&T, a multinational conglomerate and communications network with a net worth of $266 billion. It is the largest telecommunications company in the U.S. I recently wrote about the control of mainstream media by the medical industrial complex (MIC) and its use of the media to drive the narrative of body dissociation, via the new gender industry. The modern LGBT NGOs are fronting for the MIC, which uses corporate marketing identities to deconstruct sex, and open new markets.

The only way to open markets created out of sex is to deconstruct sex. Transsexualism—a fetish of disembodiment and, until recently, recognized as a psychological disorder—used to affect a minuscule part of the adult male population. But it has been rebranded as transgenderism, an umbrella term for myriad identities based on how one feels about one’s sex or disembodiment.

Global LGBT purchasing power currently stands at $3.6 trillion, as reported by Out Leadership, the global arm of the LGBT business network. The LGBT cause is no longer a human rights movement. It is big business, one that all other businesses ignore at their own peril. You must conform to the LGBT corporate program or become financially irrelevant. We can see the control of mainstream media by the medical industrial complex when we consider the censorship the media exert over anyone critiquing the gender industry, and when we look at the financial intersections of the gender industry, media conglomerates, and the MIC.

So, back to CNN. In 2017, AT&T extended “gender identity” protections to tens of thousands of workers without telling us what exactly “gender identity” means. Also in 2017, while working closely with GLAAD, the media arm of the corporatized LGBT movement (read: a subsidiary of the MIC) that tells the media what they can and cannot say about gender, AT&T ‘s assistant vice president for public affairs, Scott Sapperstein, described how the corporation supports the homosexual and transgender political agenda as “part of our DNA.”

Let’s take a look at the tip of the iceberg of AT&T investments in the MIC and gender industry. AT&T for Health, launched in 2009, is a practice area and portfolio of specialized services that harnesses IT to help improve patient care and reduce medical costs nationwide. It develops wireless, networked, and cloud-based products specifically for the healthcare industry. AT&T sells technological support for pharmaceutical research and development. Its DownHome Pharmacy Healthcare services claims to sell healthcare, “with the personal attention and charm of a bygone era.” You can learn more about AT&T’s health care investments with their Connected HealthCare Virtual Booth. There’s a lot of money connecting AT&T to the MIC.

In case you think the bold-faced lie promoted by CNN, that biological sex is in dispute, was an error, it’s important to review how tightly controlled these media messages are. Warner Media reports that,

stories at CNN are thoroughly reviewed by producers and editors, and those involving particularly sensitive topics are further reviewed by a team of senior editors, standards and practices executives, and attorneys before broadcast or publishing. In all cases, we hold our journalists to the highest standards of ethics, accuracy and integrity. Responsible and ethical journalism means that the CNN editorial staff maintains full editorial decision making for any segments or programs that are sponsored by our advertisers. Our journalists also report and scrutinize our advertisers, other business partners and our parent company as they would for any other company.

That is an awful lot of oversight. It gives one pause as to how this lie about biological reality slipped through.

This is just one part of the media’s relationship with the MIC and gender industry. As I have reported elsewhere, Disney, an American diversified multinational mass media company with a net worth of $140 billion, committed more than $100 million in 2018 to fund children’s hospitals across the U.S. and the world. Several of these at least have gender clinics, including Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which opened a couple of years after Disney’s donation; Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa; Texas Children’s Hospital, with myriad branches throughout the United States; and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Disney has funded an online medical portal offering gender services in many locations in the U.S., including Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Gender clinics for youth were basically unheard of a decade ago. In 2013, Jennifer Pritzker of the billionaire Pritzker family, who identifies as transgender, donated $1 million to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago for their gender youth clinic, the first of its kind to open in the Midwest. The Pritzker family recently gave an additional $15 million to the children’s hospital for mental health services. Disney left its own philanthropic mark on the hospital in 2017.

The Human Rights Campaign, documenting what they euphemistically call Gender Expansive Clinics, still reports fewer than 50 clinics in the U.S., from a list they compiled in 2014. But Gender Mapper, an organization tracking these new entities, numbers the clinics today at 300. If prescribed puberty blockers, most of the children receiving “healthcare” in these clinics will go on to taking wrong sex hormones for their bodies, which will very likely sterilize them as well as create other physical harms requiring medical attention. Many will also go on to have amputations or plastic surgeries on their secondary sex characteristics.

When our global media conglomerates promote the lie that human sex is disputed, it is past time to worry and way past time to act. They have our children, and the last frontier of the natural world, in their maw.

Jennifer Bilek is an investigative journalist, artist, and concerned citizen. She has been following the money behind the transgender agenda for six years. She blogs at the 11th Hour. 



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