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Christie’s Dangerous Bluster on Syria

Christie claims to be ready to commit acts of war against Russia to enforce a "no-fly zone" that the U.S. has no authority to establish.

Surprising nobody, Christie has joined the “let’s start WWIII” bandwagon:

“My first phone call would be to Vladimir, and I’d say, ‘Listen, we’re enforcing this no-fly zone,’” Mr. Christie said on MSNBC. “And I mean we’re enforcing it against anyone, including you. So don’t try me. Don’t try me. Because I’ll do it.”

Christie has taken the most explicitly confrontational position on Syria of any of the candidates, but he’s simply taking the insane idea of imposing a “no-fly zone” where it is bound to lead. Like the other Republican hawks, Christie claims to be ready to commit acts of war against Russia to enforce a “no-fly zone” that the U.S. has no authority to establish over any part of Syria. There is no pretense that any U.S. interests are being served by doing this. Christie is promising that he would immediately plunge the U.S. into a war not only with the Syrian government but with its great power patron as well, and he appears to be completely oblivious to the dangers involved. As one would expect with Christie, this just reflects his obsession with demonstrating “toughness” on the international stage without regard for the consequences. While the blustering may be Christie’s specialty, this is the sort of foreign policy one can expect from a party that prizes displays of “strength” and “resolve” over sound judgment, and it is one that could drag the U.S. into new disasters overseas if its supporters are given a chance to implement it.