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Chris Christie and #Bridgegate: Alas, It Ain’t Over

Here’s the thing that still bugs me, even after today’s impressively epic two-hour apology-making/buck-stopping/responsibility-taking/heartfelt-contrition-displaying press conference by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie:

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

“Got it.”

So ordered (now former) Christie aide Bridget Kelly, and so responded Port Authority official David Wildstein.

That’s about as direct and cursory a conversation as two people can have. It’s the kind of missive I get from my wife when I’m in the grocery store: “one more thing: milk” … “Got it.”

No further explanation was necessary.

Kelly said “traffic problems,” and Wildstein, apparently, knew exactly what she meant.

There was no “It’s time to create some traffic problems.” Or “What can you do to cause headaches in Fort Lee.” Or, in response, “What do you mean?” Or, obviously, “Are you crazy?!”

This strongly suggests a couple of things: 1) This kind of thing was routine business for Kelly and Wildstein and perhaps others in the governor’s inner circle. And, worse, 2) Gov. Christie has either directly cultivated or is himself accustomed to a culture in which such behavior is routine business.

Thus it’s very difficult for me to imagine—as the cable TV talkers are asking themselves as I write—that Kelly concocted this scheme on her own. If she had, Wildstein likely would have been taken aback by the request. Instead, he knew exactly where she was coming from.

“Got it”: i.e., That’s how we roll.

There’s no reason to believe Chris Christie was directly connected to the scandal.

Because there’s no reason he’d need to be.

That’s how they roll.

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