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Charles’s Britain: Land Of Woke And Glory

The new monarch bends over to recognize the true power in the realm
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And, the lady bishop of London says you can bonk whoever you want to bonk, and it's cool with God:


“One thing I have learned through listening is that there is a whole range of ways in which people will express that relationship. Some will be sexual, some will not, some will be friendship, and some will be sexual. And so the prayers are there that can be offered. And I think that the way they will be used is there will be a range of ways in which they will be used in that.

“So there will be the opportunity for those people in a same-sex relationship to come and have that relationship blessed. And, of course, some of those will be sexual."

I wonder if King Charles will care to invite his subjects who face criminal penalties for praying?

Or J.K. Rowling, formerly a beloved Scots writer and Labour supporter, now History's Greatest Monster, according to Trans Totalitarians and their allies. Or Jeremy Clarkson, who is facing cancellation now, and who has had enough of Woke Britannia, as he wrote in the Times of London the other day. Excerpts:

Think about what typically happens in a military operation and then look what the woke left has done here. It’s seized control of our television and radio stations to such an extent that last week Sophie Raworth said, on the BBC News at Six, with a straight face, “And over now to our LGBT and diversity correspondent ...”

And TV drama? Unaffected? Right, and when was the last time you saw a fictional police force hunting a gang of Muslim extremists? It’s always the far right. And it’s the same story in comedy. Say anything you like about Boris or Rishi and the laughter track is turned up to 11. Make a joke about she/him pronouns or Greta Thunberg and they’ll blow a piece of tumbleweed across the stage.

In sport we sometimes have three women doing the punditry at a men’s football match, and if anyone remarks on this on Twitter, they are immediately singled out for the india-rubber treatment. And who’s doing the erasing? Who’s making the rules? That’s just it. We don’t have a clue. What we do know is that, having taken control of the television stations, without a shot being fired, they turned their attention, like any conquering army, to the schools. Here they went fully Pol Pot, doing a comprehensive year-zero job on the curriculum so that kids would know their parents were all racists. Apart from those with “unconscious bias”. Who were racists as well.

You probably think, because you don’t know this war is going on, that when you drop little Johnny off at the school gates he’s going to learn the nine times table that day. No, he isn’t. He’s learning that he might actually be a girl, which is why there are probably tampon dispensers in the boys’ lavatories.

With all this in place, they set about the police, and here they’ve done a tremendous job. Because, so far as I can tell, almost all the officers in the Met — apart from the terrifying number of sexual perverts — are now more wide awake than a frightened fox.



We’ve now reached a point where the leader of the opposition is so boxed in and frightened that for a while he could not answer when asked if a woman could have a penis. He knows what happened to JK Rowling when she waded into this debate. He knows that out there, hidden and invisible, there really is an army with the ability to remove from public life anyone who disagrees with its increasingly militant viewpoint.

Clarkson is right -- watch Labour leader Keir Starmer squirm when asked. I wonder what leading US politicians of the Democratic and Republican parties would say if the question were put to them. One more from Clarkson:

At least Arthur Scargill had the decency to get on a soapbox and state his aims in public. This lot don’t. They sit at home, hiding in the impenetrable shadow of anonymity, inventing new rules to ensnare anyone and everyone they deem to be unworthy. Monty Python joked in the Spanish Inquisition sketch that there was a crime of heresy by thought. But today it’s a reality.

And at this point I was going to explain how this war is now being waged against our head of state, King Charles. But, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve run out of space. Damn.

Don't worry, he'll capitulate too, and maybe already has. There is a kind of conservative who thinks that the hatred the Left has for him is because of what he does. He's wrong. It's about who he is. It would be wrong for the King, constitutionally, to take sides in these issues. But then, he has, hasn't he?


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Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker
So what *is* best about modern Britain? I haven't been there since 1987, and that was only for a couple of weeks. I would personally say that harboring refugees is a very good thing, but almost by definition not the best thing; the best thing is what makes the country the kind of country that makes people want to seek refuge there. The NHS? Well, the Britons seem to like it well enough; there doesn't seem to be a big move to get rid of it, but again a government bureaucracy shouldn't even be in the running for the best thing about any country. LGBTQ+ groups? Nothing can be the best thing that focuses on less than 5% of the population; how about the sex and love lives of everybody else?

If you asked me to name the best thing about Britain, it's still that it's the land that produced Shakespeare, continues to put his works on stage, in the process producing more outstanding actors per head than my own country ever will, and continuing to inspire people from Japan to Nigeria to the US to London to create great works of fiction. And that it continues to be a beautiful country dotted with beautiful country homes, castles, and churches. Another major candidate for the best thing is that Britain is not only a parliamentary democracy, but the world's model parliamentary democracy. Far more countries have adopted Britain's parliamentary system than my own homeland's constitutional federation. The monarchy is a decorative ornament on the real system of government, which Britain's imitators have sometimes included and sometimes left out; it makes no difference to the genius of the core mechanism.
schedule 11 months ago