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Campus Comes To Congress

House Democrats = Social Justice Warriors
113th congress
Speaker John Boehner administers the the oath of office to members of the 113th Congress in the Hall of the House of Representatives following his election as Speaker. January 3, 2013. (Official Photo by Heather Reed)

I’m halfway around the world right now, and just checking in on news from back home. I see that Congressional Democrats are beclowning themselves:

Democrats, led by civil rights icon John Lewis, took control of the chamber Wednesday morning demanding a vote on gun control legislation. But Republicans are resisting, saying they don’t want to give in to such protest tactics.

The tension exploded onto the floor just after 10 p.m. ET when Republican Speaker Paul Ryan gaveled the chamber into order to hold a procedural vote on an unrelated matter. An extraordinary scene unfolded as throngs of Democrats — some holding signs with the names of victims of gun violence — remained in the House well chanting “no bill, no break” and “shame shame shame.” They also sang the protest anthem “We Shall Overcome.”

What cheap, disgusting theatrics. More:

Such displays would normally be prohibited but Ryan, sensitive to the attention being paid to the sit-in, declined to enforce the traditional order in the House.

From the NYT:

A Democratic sit-in on the House floor demanding votes on gun-control legislation led to a remarkable scene of pandemonium on Wednesday night as Speaker Paul D. Ryan was shouted down when he tried to regain control.

Democrats pressed against the podium, waving signs with shooting victims’ names and chanting “No bill! No break!” as Mr. Ryan repeatedly banged his gavel in an attempt to restore order.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives was shouted down by Democratic Congressman as he attempted to regain control of the House of Representatives. Actual US Congressmen behaving like a bunch of giddy Oberlin undergraduates.

They had better not give in. Look, on gun control matters, I am generally — generally — more sympathetic to Democrats than to Republicans. But this mob insurrection on the House floor is profoundly unsettling. I have not looked closely at the legislation, so it is entirely possible that I might support the Democratic proposal. But to attempt to get one’s way by showing utter contempt for rules of the House? No. No, no, no. Their passion does not justify their behavior.

This country is in trouble.



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