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A Sea Island Conspiracy?

Over the long weekend before the Mississippi and Michigan primaries, the sky above Sea Island was black with corporate jets.

Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, Napster’s Sean Parker, Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk, and other members of the super-rich were jetting in to the exclusive Georgia resort, ostensibly to participate in the annual World Forum of the American Enterprise Institute.

Among the advertised topics of discussion: “Millennials: How Much Do They Matter and What Do They Want?”

That was the cover story.

As revealed by the Huffington Post [1], Sea Island last weekend was host to a secret conclave at the Cloisters where oligarchs colluded with Beltway elites to reverse the democratic decisions of millions of voters and abort the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Among the journalists at Sea Island were Rich Lowry of National Review, which just devoted an entire issue to the topic: “Against Trump,” and Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of the Trumphobic New York Times.

Bush guru Karl Rove of Fox News was on hand, as were Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham, dispatched by Trump in New Hampshire and a berserker on the subject of the Donald.

So, too, was William Kristol, editor of the rabidly anti-Trump Weekly Standard, who reported back to comrades: “The key task now, to … paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him.”

Kristol earlier tweeted that the Sea Island conclave is “off the record, so please do consider my tweets from there off the record.”

Redeeming itself for relegating Trump to its entertainment pages, the Huffington Post did the nation a service in lifting the rug on “something rotten in the state.”

What we see at Sea Island is that, despite all their babble about bringing the blessings of “democracy” to the world’s benighted, AEI, Neocon Central, believes less in democracy than in perpetual control of the American nation by the ruling Beltway elites.

If an outsider like Trump imperils that control, democracy be damned. The elites will come together to bring him down, because, behind party ties, they are soul brothers in the pursuit of power.

Something else was revealed by the Huffington Post—a deeply embedded corruption that permeates this capital city.

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is a 501(c)(3) under IRS rules, an organization exempt from U.S. taxation.

Million-dollar corporate contributions to AEI are tax-deductible.

This special privilege, this freedom from taxation, is accorded to organizations established for purposes such as “religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary … or the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.”

What the co-conspirators of Sea Island were up to at the Cloisters was about as religious as what the Bolsheviks at that girls school known as the Smolny Institute were up to in Petrograd in 1917.

From what has been reported, it would not be extreme to say this was a conspiracy of oligarchs, War Party neocons, and face-card Republicans to reverse the results of the primaries and impose upon the party, against its expressed will, a nominee responsive to the elites’ agenda.

And this taxpayer-subsidized “Dump Trump” camarilla raises even larger issues.

Now America is not Russia or Egypt or China.

But all those countries are now moving purposefully to expose U.S. ties to nongovernmental organizations set up and operating in their capital cities.

Many of those NGOs have had funds funneled to them from U.S. agencies such as the National Endowment for Democracy, which has backed “color-coded revolutions” credited with dumping over regimes in Serbia, Ukraine, and Georgia.

In the early 1950s, in Iran and Guatemala, the CIA of the Dulles brothers did this work.

Whatever ones thinks of Vladimir Putin, can anyone blame him for not wanting U.S. agencies backing NGOs in Moscow, whose unstated goal is to see him and his regime overthrown?

And whatever one thinks of NED and its subsidiaries, it is time Americans took a hard look at the tax-exempt foundations, think tanks and public policy institutes operating in our capital city.

How many are like AEI, scheming to predetermine the outcome of presidential elections while enjoying tax exemptions and posturing as benign assemblages of disinterested scholars and seekers of truth?

How many of these tax-exempt think tanks are fronts and propaganda organs of transnational corporations that are sustained with tax-deductible dollars, until their “resident scholars” can move into government offices and do the work for which they have been paid handsomely in advance?

How many of these think tanks take foreign money to advance the interests of foreign regimes in America’s capital?

We talk about the “deep state” in Turkey and Egypt, the unseen regimes that exist beneath the public regime and rule the nation no matter the president or prime minister.

What about the “deep state” that rules us, of which we caught a glimpse at Sea Island?

A diligent legislature of a democratic republic would have long since dragged America’s deep state out into the sunlight.

Patrick J. Buchanan is a founding editor of The American Conservative and the author of the new book The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority [2].

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12 Comments To "A Sea Island Conspiracy?"

#1 Comment By Lee On March 11, 2016 @ 12:58 am

“Millennials: How Much Do They Matter and What Do They Want?”

The above conference topic is an example of the societal level sociopathy that has become endemic to the corporatocracy.

#2 Comment By spite On March 11, 2016 @ 3:13 am

Somebody please remind me why America is not a one party state ? The two party system is as real as the rivalries in pro wrestling, for the public they get sold as great enemies and behind the scenes they are controlled by the same people.

#3 Comment By EliteCommInc. On March 11, 2016 @ 7:28 am

I think think tanks play a valuable role in thinking through strategic options for policy options in an area or fields.

And while I share some of the concerns noted. We still must have executives willing to take responsibility for their choices.

#4 Comment By TB On March 11, 2016 @ 9:04 am

PB: “Tax-exempt foundations and think tanks should not interfere with the nomination process.”

That ship has sailed, Pat. The IRS tried to screen out overtly political organizations from getting tax exempt status and the hurricane of blood that arose from the Tea Party types swept the agency out to sea.

#5 Comment By red team radiKal On March 11, 2016 @ 10:12 am

‘Conservative think tank.’

My favorite oxymoron.

#6 Comment By Johann On March 11, 2016 @ 10:16 am

Media, government, and big money. Its the ultimate power triad connection. Organizations like the American Empire Enterprise Institute provide that linkage.

#7 Comment By SteveM On March 11, 2016 @ 10:19 am

Thank you Pat. I’ve been beating the 501c drum for a long time.

The obvious first order fix is to require 501c’s to list all corporate donors on their web sites along with the size of their donations. And all private donors making donations of over say $1,000. The private threshold would protect the small donor from external harassment. Corporate payouts to think tanks acting as policy propaganda and marketing arms for their Crony benefactors should be transparent.

Secondly, 501c’s should be required to prominently and clearly list all officers and staff and their total compensation over $200K on any “Make on Donation” web link and other materials used to solicit donations.

That is public information available on the IRS Form 990’s the 501c’s are required to submit. So it should be made readily available to the Joe Sixpacks who may consider sending their hard earned beer money to living large “non profits” that shovel huge compensation to insiders that do little more than shill for their Crony benefactors.

BTW, I mentioned Neocon extraordinaire Danielle Pletka in an earlier post. Pletka is the “Senior Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies” at AEI. She is paid over $270,000 a year. Mind you, like all think tank Cronies, Pletka has no P/L or operational responsibilities common to managers in the real economy. Her no risk, little effort job is to merely show up and write propaganda at the behest of AEI’s Crony benefactors.

Pleka is onto anti-“Establishment” rumblings and has crafted a lame rejoinder of how important Politico-Crony Washington really is:


Notice that she is not accepting comments to her apologia for why she’s worth a quarter million bucks.

Expect more rear guard action from the Crony Nomenklatura as it works furiously to protect its fat and happy turf.

#8 Comment By DES On March 11, 2016 @ 12:56 pm

Beware secret meetings on those Georgia islands: Sea and Jekyll

#9 Comment By Joan On March 11, 2016 @ 3:26 pm

I’m no end of amused that all these capitalist big shots are gathered to keep the presidency away, not from the longtime socialist currently giving Hillary a run for her money, but a billionaire who is ostensibly one of their own.

#10 Comment By Clint On March 11, 2016 @ 4:33 pm

Trump threatens the stranglehold that The Neoconservative Faction holds over The GOP, because they can’ control him and he won’t be bought off by them.
Meanwhile,Cruz and Rubio are fronting for Big Money Neoconservative Donors.

Last night’s debate highlighted this situation, when
Cruz and Rubio tag team attacked Trump for daring to wan to attempt to broker a Peace Deal between Israel and The Palestinians.

#11 Comment By Student On March 12, 2016 @ 1:00 pm

Excellent article. One can only hope that the
oligarchs do not succeed in their continued sellout off the American public interest for their personal gain.

#12 Comment By John Gruskos On March 12, 2016 @ 3:27 pm

I notice that the sleaziest oligarchs, Adelson and Singer, were not present. Have they already gone back to the Democrat Party where they belong? Good riddance.

I hope William “to-paraphrase-Marx” Kristol, Max “I’d-rather-vote-for-Stalin” Boot, and Stephen “I-will-defend-Trotsky-to-the-death” Schwartz do the same.